Adopt your own Laurum Online server!



  • 120$/m for the first server
  • 85$/m for the second server

Current server types you can rent:

  • Normal-PVP
  • Normal-PVE
  • Hardcore-PVP
  • Hardcore-PVE
  • Any of the above can be public or locked to your guild


  • Server Guardians will also get an unique title (while they are guardians)

This is something I’ve been working on for the last few weeks with the little time left I have to work on LO, but it still needs to be tested and see how it goes

I am looking for server guardians interested on adopting a LO server, in exchange for your sweet cash you will be able to come up with your own:

  • World name: “Hard PVP only Brah”, “Your moms servers”
  • Server names: “ServHardBrah1”,“ServHardBrah2”,“ServHardBrah3”… “ServMom1”
  • **WIP **Each servers difficulty will determine other stats like exp and drop rates (remember Nightmare servers?)
  • If you guys are interested, this is 120$/m for the first server and 30% cheaper for the second server - meaning 2 servers for 205$/m
  • Server Guardians will also get an unique title (while they are guardians)


  • So you will give the server executable then we need to host it on our dedicated server? No, I will host it for you and manage it too
  • Do we have to start from 0 on this new server? No, it is just another server with different name and exp, difficulty, drop rate, etc
  • I am interested, is it free? No, I dont think a server will be less than 120$/mo but im open to discuss it
  • Do we lose items gotten from another world when we switch worlds? no, it works the same way as you switch from normal1 to normal2
  • Can a server/world be ridiculously easy? yes, but that wouldn’t make any sense, for that we have normal servers
  • Can another server/world be 50x more difficult than nightmare server? yes, that is the idea. In the end, it would be whatever the guardians want in terms of difficulty. If you want to fight your way through worms, we can do that
  • Can the difficulty be changed at anytime? (eg. It can be easy in the morning. Then very hard at night) no, difficulty is a variable the server reads once it loads
  • Can the drop rates be changed at anytime? No, drop rates are based on difficulty and will be tweaked during the first month
  • Can player stats be changed. Just like during events. (eg. 5x damage. 5x HP)? Not at the moment
  • Does the guardian of a world pay for each server in the world separately? (eg. One world with 5servers $120 x 5)? Yes, a world is nothing else but a way to organize servers in the main menu of the client
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