Admin My Account is ban why?

Good morning admin

today when I went to Login to my character “Capeta”

was shown the message that I was banned, but why?

I barely got into the game these last few times on the contrary i am even in hospital barely

playing when i may have taken ban? was it by the name of my character? when will my ban

go out? I’m waiting Admin Thank you, I invested a lot of time and money in the game and

really enjoyed the game and gave me a chance to prove that I am a good player.

Thank you.


Capeta and Capetaa have been flagged by our system and reported/seen by players way too many times.

The latest report here

Perfect Admin you are correct,

can you give me a chance? I promise I won’t use any more click macro in the game

I really enjoyed the game please I beg that it will not happen again.

If you want Capeta unbanned it will cost you 2M gold.

Consider this the last warning, if I ever get another flag from you I will auto ban it forever.

Please answer Yes or No and I will take the gold out

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yes admin i accept unbanned

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Done, ban lifted.

Remember: next flag I’ll ban you forever

ok Admin Ty Ty Ty Ty szszsz