Account still banned

WARNING: Items lost due to players’ mistakes won’t be recovered and posts will be deleted right away. The same applies to cases where the user has revealed his username and password to a phishing/scamming sites.

It is the user’s responsibility to keep their username and password secure.

My evilscuba account was banned long time ago was told I was boting or clicking too fast or much. I was thinking it was a joke. Still my account seems banned? Is there away way too get unbanned. I get your games really strict by the rules. I understand. I appreciate a good reply I did my time of being banned miss my real hard player I was building up with out being afk.

Admin should be more respectful give people a few chances before banning everyone for possible hacking or tapping too fast miss understanding for a simple understanding. You can’t even reply and respond too people who apologie. Give people a chance too better themselves with a warning or jail time.

Sorry but, you decided to bot, got banned and I should be more respectful?

If your ban has not been cleared yet then it is for a reason and will stay like that.

Dude I was banned I was always active replyd too players. I was accused of boting was not even boting . I would ask to unban my none bot evilscuba account. I was part of the beta and really do enjoy this game. No evidence I was boting if I’m active click killing monsters. I play on a cell phone. Aka!

Evilscuba is not banned

Error evilscuba user account has been banned! Been like that for over a year. Focusing me too not be able to play on my old account. I’m a legit player. Always active on my cell phone. I appreciate the replys and investigations.

You should take in consideration I did bot and would like my account unbanned. Unless you have full evidence. It’s a cell phone meaning we multitasking not sure what is considered boting. I click fast move around kill the fast responding monsters. Invite people too my partys too help out. Need my account unbanned it takes years too start all over. Let’s be fair.

Alkano please unban my account. You should have a first time unban fee. So on.

Evilscuba is not banned. Your device could be the one banned, PM me when you try to login to check the logs. Once I get your device ID I can see why where you banned and come to a conclusion

Not sure how too give a I’d. I tryed too sign in using evilscuba I get this

I will check this now

I appreciate you fixing my account for some reason my password not working anymore. How do I recover a new one or my old one?

Hey, you will have to use our lost password form

Thank you for the help. Is there any way to switch my pets too my other account?