Accidentally sold precious item by clicking "sell unlocked item"

Sunday UTC +7, i want to transfer enhancement from my new hunter hat lvl 90 dual dex +15, so i have to unlocked it, but forgot to lock it back, and it sold automatically,

Monday UTC +7, i want to sell my hunter chest lvl 90, offer from my buyer Jewel C + 55k, but im in full inventory condition, i already unlocked to trade, silly me when i want to sell item so i can trade i forgot to lock it back, and got sold

i just realized few hours laters, and just find out i lost my 2 items, and i keep think where its go, finally i remember those 2 mistakes,

please, im new player and its very precious item for newbie like me, its ok i have to pay it on buyback(5mins) and cost only few golds, pls admin, help me please :pray:

ps : i sold it by my pet Kelpoor the frog


I’ll check this now


yesss, ty so much alkanov :pray:

Sorry but you forgot to write your in-game nick so I can check your account

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ty so much alka :pray:

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Hi, it’s not very clear to me what items you actually sold, am I right to say these are the items:


If so, none of the above are even Epic gear, I don’t understand why contact support for these couple of very common items.

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its none of epic / legend equipment,
like i said before, its a precious item for a newbie like me, pls i need those back, :’(

i accidentally sold it

btw thx for check it out :blush:

the hat i spend almost 400-500k i dont remember exactly, and the chest is green, no + or special stats, but it still cost me 100-200k too, and its also a big lost to me :’(
pls, im newbie, it’s not easy to me for losing total 500-700k item :pensive:

ps : i dont want to make support on this problem like a seriously huge problem, i just want to contact u buy ingame chat / discord pm, but i cant reach u on discord and your admin, cant add friend, and u not reply my pm ingame :pensive:

I will only try to recover the hat, next time double check your sales.

We cant support everyone that makes a mistake even though we ask at least 2 times for user confirmation before selling items.

This was a player mistake and you will learn from it.


i will, i admit it was my fool mistake,
lesson for me sir,

and thanks very much for helping
great game, great dev,

worth to play this game, im so happy, :blush::blush:

go Laurum go!!!

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The hat should be in your bank now, please confirm it and reply to this post so we can close the case :slight_smile:


omgggg… ty so muchh alkanovvv
thankssss :pray::pray::pray::blush:

You’re welcome, I will close this ticket now.

Happy hunting :slight_smile: