Abusing Lava/Multitrap Bug

Name: Pinkface, Tyromebr, Jokerface, Sevenface, BadBitch
Server: Hard
Time: Around 2020-07-02 15-48-46
Description: Abusing Lava/Multi-trap Bug


Some weaker players die to this and get spawn trapped, even on a safe zone. Ofc they can just change server but that’s not the point. It’s intentional bug abusing.


funny cautious that you always accuse us not and now, you already use teleport bug, You and whoever else use it, we can prove it with videos!

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NO ONE KNEW the fact that it was working… u are accusing for bug abusing. If u hve prov that u were dying the fact prove that it’s a bug… we didn’t know if it was really working

You were warned before the player/bug report was submitted. Anyways in the video you can clearly see that they were intentionally abusing the bug.


Thanks for the report.
Staff is looking into it.

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The lava sprawn thing is known before even most of ya came into this game.

Nice tactics. It’s like League of Legends blitzcrank pull + flash. Glad to see more skilled moves in pvp, rather than auto attack

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I had to create a new forum account to answer this because my old forum account was banned
This bug was used that same day by the cautious player and among other guild members Ann
As among other bugs that the same player uses, such as teleportation without cooldown
I think this is just crying for our guild to kill weak ann members like ann does us
If you want proof of ann’s players using this same bug, I will go up on YouTube
Because here I will not post anything else, last time I posted here I was banned from the discord and the forum

I think you werent banned for no reason. Just behave and you should be fine.

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just fix that I don’t use. cautious uses Tp’s and that was his justification. have a Ban Day

Still trying to abuse bug after patch…


os cara que mais usufruem de bugs reportando um que hipocrisia