About my gems and skins

Hi !
I am an old player. I wasn’t able to play last 1 year. I just start playing again 3 days ago and i am shocked. Because i cant drop my skins to the ground. I had 1 main account and 1 skin account at old times. Because i love the skins but they took too much space and i created my skin account 1 year ago.

Right now, too much things changed in game and i love it. I realy couldnt have time for keep knowing about the new patches, the all the year long. Its imposibble !

So, i want my skins(42skins) at my main account. I have enough space. Half space at inventory, half space at bank.
Please send my skins to my inventory&bank.
Thank you so much !
Main character: Sole
Skin character: Bumbaa

Guys come on ! I already spend 700k for empty bank and inventory space. And my character wearing only armor skin. She looks funny :slight_smile: i need my skins.

Well, u deleted my messages about my "tradeable"bank minion at dc/buy&sell section. And didnt give any notification to me about it. At least u can text me and say something instead of deleting my messages and sayin nothing !!! U could tell me - Oh, we made mistake. We forgat something. You are wrong. Your minion is not tradeable…if you say this, i “can” “understand” Good job mod !! Well done mod !!! You care the game, i see, but please care players too. You told me at discord, you gonna tell me the result by weekend. Helloooo. Its monday ! I was waiting all theese days cuz maybe u return my skins back. But forget it ! If u dont, i gonna buy gems anyways. But at least let me know so i can do something about it. Also i write something at discord but it was more than 2k letters…so i am copy paste here…

Btw, they deleted my messages about my bank minion without saying anything. Also they didnt answer my topic at forum/payment section. Alsooo, 1 week ago,when i join to dc with my other account; i just send messages to general section of laurum. 4-5 times about servers’ online and offline situation. It wasnt spam. They blocked me right away and didnt unblock by days ! Maybe still blocked, idk…
Anyways… just right now, i was reading reviews at google play… I was searching my 5 star review so i can make it 1. But i remember all good times i had in this game. Alkanov dont deserve it. I know him and i know celmi, cankan. Good moderators and develapors. They were caring players… Now, i saw lots of people complaning about management.
So, maybe they made mistake about minion. They forgot to chance it’s tradeablity. But… What is that ??? U?deleting my mesaages and no explanation ?? If u say something, i can understand… I know english enough. Maybe they dont wanna give my skins back too, again: i understand. Just tell me ! I am waiting how many days ! I wanna buy remote minion. So?if u dont give my skins, i gonna buy gems but you say nothing by days !!!(See my topic at payment section/forum) i am sure they dont talked with alkanov yet. Realy !
I am waiting news from mods cuz if i dont get my skins back, i gonna buy gems ! I am still waiting for their answer. They told me they gonna say me the result by weekend. Hellooo. Its monday here.
You know what ? I get very upset. I realy didnt wanted to say all of these. I said these things because i get upset when i see this buy/sell section. what is that ???!! You are deleting my messages in buy/sell section and dont send me a notification ???
Listen, i dont need the skins. Keep it. Also i dont need to sell this minion. I am not selling anymore. Dont worry, it doesnt kill your game ! I think opposite. It makes your game more beatiful.
But anyways. When i see these… I am so upset. Tomorrow i gonna buy gems. Dont even try to send my skins back to me. Its too late. I already waiting by days. And i dont know the moderators. I only see the zelp. Whatever. Please do your job better. When u come to my store in real life, i am smiling at you and doing my best to pleasure you.so we are trying to have some fun here. Puffff. Anyways. I am sory if i say something wrong. Realy. I dont wanna be the person who is arguing with any one he sees… And i am realy happy to have this game. Realy. I like this game. Also it helps at this corona times… But pls… I respect developers but please you respect players too. I still didnt get it ! How can u delete my messages !!! Without saying me nothing ??? At least send a little info message to me !!! Jesus !

I am so sory. Last night i go crazy. I am staying at home more than 3 weeks. This corona thing made me crazy so i am so sory. Thank you for this great game i realy like it. And thanks all mods and developers for their efforts.