About balance - augs/mods

The comunity have been talking about balance long ago and we all have our thougths about it.

lately i have been thinking about balance and mods.

The current mods were made when we didnt had stat cap, when we had passives on all classes and when the skills were almost all different.

Now in my understanding of the game as a player i think some mods need balance and i hope this can help Devs and also make other players give own opinions about it.

I’ll mention here only mods i think need balance and propose a balance fix:

  • MOVE SPEED MOD: with little to so so effort a player can build a move speed gear that will let him walk at max speed possible inthe game. Imo only few combination of gear and buff/skills should be able to do this and not a gear alone unless its something special. A fix to this would start in decreasing the 2% Aug to 1%.

  • STAT MODS (STR/INT/AGI/DEX ETC) - Before the stat cap, a player could have 300 LP in a single stat at lvl 100 (lvl 100 is the current lvl most of the players stay for several reasons and ill use that as reference). With that in mind, a mod that gave 12 stats points dont seem much at that time, but since we have the stat cap, at lvl 100 we can have a stat at 100 Lp at the most. This means a stat mod represent 12% of your max base stats value possible at lvl 100. Every item have up to 3 mods and we all know that with some effort you can build gear with all equips with 2 of the same mod, which means that each equip will buff your stat with a 24% increase of your base value. if you consider all 14 equips you can have a raw increase of 336 stat poitns with a 2 mod build and this is unreasonable. To add up on this matter, 12 points in a mod represent more than a RB, that give 10 points so, all the effort players put in RB are dimished by the current value of stats given by mods and thats why you see new players with a STR/INT gear doing same or more dmg than other players that decide to use other gears. Another thing to mention is that DMG output was always in the mind of everyone when we talk about unbalance so, decreasing all stat mods would help to balance the game. I would start to put the stat mods at 5 points and see how it goes.

  • CRIT CHANCE MOD - Something like 8-10 points give 1% crit rate, depending on the class. If we consider giving 12 stats points to much, 1% would also be to much on crit rate.

  • DODGE MOD: with some effort a player can build a gear that will give him almost 100% of dodge (i believe the max is 90%) and this is “the ultimate pvp build” of any class in the current state of the game. this lead to a pvp where anyone cant hit the oponent and at a 10% chance a luck bastard hit and win. Because that is the “best” gear, PVP ended up been decided by classes that have undodgeable skills, I.E burn and bleed, that have a really good dmg and can kill the oponents on their own. **To stop the “dodge luck hit burn/bleed pvp” the first proposition would be to decrease the mod to 1% (for comparison purposes, a hunter can get 1% dodge with 6 AGI points), but revisitng the max value should also be considered imo. **

  • MP ON KILL: the last changes about MP usage were great for laurum and made mana matter, but any veteran player know that if you make a 9%-12% MP on kill build - 3 to 4 mods - you can PVE
    sustainably. With that in mind, a player can use a total of 14 itens, which means he have access to a total of 42 mods and maybe inst reasonable to let someone keep a sustainable PVE with only 3-4 MP on kIll mods, but it all depends on how easy/difficult you want the PVE to become. I, personally, never use MP potions cause i dont need it. The only situation i ever equip a MP potion is to boss kill or PVP and i dont think it should be like that. To start a balance on this i would decrease MP on KIll aug to 2% and see how it goes.

  • ATTACK SPEED - I did some tests some months ago with the current state of attack speed mods (after the mod was fixed) and imo they dont add much. You can build a full attack speed gear and you wont see any improvment that match the effort. I would change the value of this aug to 5% and see how it goes.

This is what i’ve been thinking about mods balance so, i hope it help.

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Hi ! Thanks for your input and ideas, some of them are good.

If you are in Discord(if not join us). Probably not too far away some balance changes will be coming(not official just thinking), and join the council member, ping @Stormbeat you could help.

Want to mention only dodge, this is really best and broken.