A guide to explaining the guild

As well as having a guide explaining the classes, mods and rebirth system, there could also be a guide about the guild, explaining how many lvls the guild can evolve, how much each lvl costs, number of members per lvl, the difference between recruit, member , officer and moderator in the guild … or have you already explained it somewhere?

I think most of this is self explanationed its really the players responsible for guides not a game developer. Levels are always 1000 guild points. Each time you add a slot it is a random amount of guild exp ranging from 300-500 every guild buff “exp” adds 100points guild level adds 500 points. But guides from most games is from the players if you feel this is missing you need to step up and make one.

Could you please explain to me at least how each guild position works? What can the Moderator, Officer, Member and Recruit positions do or cannot do?

Since you need such a explanation I guess I could take time out of my day to explain. A recruit is just there a member can invite players. A officer can kick and invite players that are ranked lower then them. A moderator can active guild buffs and kick any player ranked lower then them. I know its so confusing to understand good luck!