A Guide for most common questions

Hello guys! I am Gaby and this is my guide based on the most common questions.

Where is monster x?. ~ You can check wiki, there is a map

After first Rebirth people ask where to spend their points:
Warrior - str // Hunter - str // Wizard - int // Paladin - int

What is DS? - DS means Devil Square, Devil Square npc is in town Laurum Harbour(first town). In DS you get extra EXP and Gold, but DS is made to get Skill Books, most skills are found in DS.
Entry fee: 5000 gold ( it is worth ). You must go with a party.

What is the best class? - Well there isn’t a best class.
Your class will get stronger in time by upgrading your stuff, rebirthing, training and making a good set.

What is training?. - Training is the end game part. Training allows you to get over 10.000 HP, but it will take a while.
You should use Training Stones (eg. Stone of Deneb, Stone of Bellatrix, Stone of Arcturo, etc).
i.e. You are using Stone of Deneb, this stone will train 10% Int.
What means that?
If you kill a monster and he gives 500 exp, with Stone of Deneb equiped you will get only 10% of 500, it will be 50 EXP this exp is delivered in Training Stats(Menu-Character-Trainig Stats), there you will see your progress.

Best Build? - most popular build in the game is EXP, most people use this build to train faster. Actually this is the best PVE build, but it is expensive.(This build can be made by each class)
As a PVP build you can go for Critical chance, Dodge chance, Int or Str (depends on your class), mdef, def. You have a lot of choices for a PVP set.

That’s all for now. I will come back with more guides, about upgrading, enchanting etc.


Pretty good guide with good formatting good job dude

What stats should I focus on as a hunter?

Is there a way to drop crafting materials from my pack?

What stats should I focus on as a hunter?

R- The most basic formation is to focus on STR, the rest of the points are distributed on MDEF and STA. Once you get better teams and more knowledge in the game you can change that.

Is there a way to drop crafting materials from my pack?

R- These materials do not take up space, so there is no need to remove them. These items are good for making teleportation scrolls and EXP potions.