A Few Suggestions

• Voting to change party leader. Party leaders who go afk can be a hassle for everyone, a voting system with the participation of at least half the party members to change the leader can be good.

• Tab closing. Can’t always hit the x mark, can you? Maybe making it bigger or being able to close tabs by pressing any part of the screen that isn’t the tab can be an option.

• Broker system. Have both buying and selling in one NPC (try Arcane Legends and check out their dope market system). Also, can’t see all items in a specific category when it reaches some number limit.

• Bot detection. I don’t see any way of reporting somebody in game, I’ve tried /report but I doubt that did anything, I still have to go to forums to report. Also incorporate clicks per minute in your bot detection methods (don’t mind this if you are already doing it).

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  1. Why we need to add features like voting system in party? Actually its easy to make a new one if party leader is afk.

It is not necessary so many complications, you could have a command in the party to send the leadership to another person, since this will be AFK within the group. (Ex: / leaderParty Alkanov).
Obviously whoever does this is the party leader who doesn’t want to be a leader anymore.

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