A Big Change And New Features

hi, im glad that this game is growing,

  1. soon, LO will have more than 10 servers, the problem is on trader, we need to be on sam server to trade, we need a quick button, why dont u put 2 buttoon on settings, “account logout” and most importantly “server select” so we dont have to close the game, relogin, it tooks only 5-10 seconds slower, but still helps alot,

  2. we need asia server, many asian play in high ping server, 230ms is the lowest “EU”

  3. how about add buff potion, like added dex, int or any stats for 30mins - 2 hours maybe, it craftable

  4. please automatically logout our account when we got disconnect, it sucks when i got dc, i have to relog 5-10x times said that account logged in,
    it means my account still stuck online inside,

  5. disable pk for 50-80 level range, like lvl 100 kill level 30, sometimes we forgot to turn off the red, or low player come in middle of chaos, it sucks when u accidentally kill them, u have to receive -1000++ karma

  6. make leaderboard visible ingame, not on site

  7. “Mail” feature, this will sure helps a lot, people can send item to other player without waiting them for online, u can charge us for free or 1-10 golds per mail

  8. multiple characters in one account,

  9. Job upgrade,
    on certain level example :
    Hunter - Archer / Tamer
    archer weapon bow, and tamer weapon crossbow, each job have different special skill,
    Warrior Sword / Blade
    Wizard Staff / Wand
    or instead of new weapons, each job promotion can just get permanent stats like crit, damage, etc

  10. We Love You Dev :blush:
    keep growing!!!

ps : i dont expect any reward for these stupid idea, but if u guys happy and there’s lil gift for my Christmas, i wont expect any skins or pets, extended bag slots for me is enough, i dont mind how many slots it is :blush::blush::blush::rose:

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  1. more servers less ppl in parties for mobs.
  2. Buff potions sounds good, have to be balanced, 30min means you are lazy and searching easy ways. It may be for 30sec. For balance. Atleast you will have to use them not just press this potion buttun one time and remove it to another potion. Also it should give balanced buff.(20-30% dmg is fine)
    4)ye log out and log takes time, my suggestion is just to make one market for all servers.
    5)there is max lv 250 as i know. Thats good to get high lv to Kill other players lv ~100.
  3. not needed.
  4. takes a year to do this.
    Promotion with bonuses sounds good.
    Ex: At 5RB Hunter -> Marksman.

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  1. You can go menu > acc > logout. Is kind of hidden if you don’t look for it, but it is there. You will log out instantly and can swap server without close the game. Server swap button in game would be good, but imo as an old player, right now this is Qol update that can wait, it is only one dev on this game and it need new content. One trader for all server need a lot of code time.

  2. As game grow, I’m sure they will open servers at Brazil (the br server is just a name, it is actually US) and Asia, just need patience.

  3. I’m sure alkanov have lots of ideas on things to craft, this goes on “new content” that we hope he have the time to make it after January balance update.

  4. The game log you out, is just not as fast as we all would like. I think as game grow, with better server, this will be fine.

  5. If you forget to disable skull and kill people, this is in you, not a mistake on pvp system. I think it’s all fine, but we possibly need to revisit values for 1st, 2nd and 3rd pk stages, we are getting to 3rd really fast.

  6. Can wait.

  7. We discussed mail long time ago, i think the answer was that it need a lot of code time for not to much benefit so, can wait.

  8. Can wait.

  9. New content, we just need patience and wait alkanov work.

  10. Yes, we love!

These are all my opinions as an old player based on what was said along a year in discord talk.