#762,669 SKTWOLF

Dear admin

In the last few hours I didn’t know why my account was banned but after chatting with my in-game friend I found out I made a mistake when using the 3rd software “auto click”

To explain this violation: partly because I didn’t know about this rule before because I’m new, partly because I used it in some other RPG game and haven’t get banned before. And i use it to hang up before i go to work

I hope you can forgive my momentary mistake and ignorance .

Hope u read this mess soon and unbanned: SKTWOLF

This text is translated by google xD

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Please forgive my mistake, I promise never to do it again. Please reply me. @Alkanov @Zelp

@Alkanov @Zelp reply me pls

@Alkanov @Zelp reply me. Please forgive my mistake

Please revoke your ban on my account
@Alkanov @Zelp