15 tips for Newcomers

  1. Lvl up doing quests always you can.
  2. Try to play in party, if no one is in the area you are playing try to ask in the global chat or to change to the other server to see if is anyone.
  3. Save all the gold you can, you must need it for rebirth (250K), the best way to grind gold is doing quest and picking up everything for the ground and sell it to the NPC.
  4. At later game save any lvl 90 equipment with 3 mods. Try to ask for the prices if you are not sure in order to sell them in broker or via chat.
  5. Try to not train stats before reaching a high rebirth (5 RB at least).
  6. Try to get a full lvl 90 equipment with exp bonus so you can train faster and later on whole equipment from lvl 1 to lvl 90 to rebirth faster. Exp bonus items are wanted from everyone.
  7. Save all upgrade jewels dropped by monsters for later upgrade your items, or sold it, they are expensive.
  8. When training stats you could also upgrade your training stone to gain more exp (arcturo or bellatrix usually are the best depends on your class/build)
  9. Most useful skills are dropped by bosses or in Devil Square, check the wiki for where to find them, or try the Broker to buy them if you have the gold. Be aware of high prices.
  10. Be aware of going PK, if you do that when you die you can lost equipment and gold, and you will not be able to gain exp. Check the wiki for penalties.
  11. If you are without any space left in your inventory/bank try to make alternate accounts and transfer items to them.
  12. You can reset your level point stats with a potion made from crafting system.
  13. Best way to train your stats are in lvl 100 doing lvl 100 quests and doing Ice Party. (Remember don’t train stats until 5 Rebirth at least)
  14. Check everyday for the broker in every server to see if there is any good item to buy.
  15. Most important one: Have fun, do friends, be friendly, help others.