1.5 - Rynthia Highlands

Reserving this post for changelog and server update process


Buuuuuffffff Warriooorrr Skillllsssss :joy:

WOOT!!! Super excited!

Opening The portal in rynthia hope is that postal to new land im so exited

May I ask? Looks like it can help my problem #alkanov

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Still updating. We have a lot of new assets that are taking longer than we expected. No ETA yet but if no further issues then it wont be too long.


1.5 is now live. Please post any bugs or issues you find

Why do you now need more jewel shards to perform a jewel upgrade, while the amount of jewel shard earned from a jewel upgrade remains the same? Isn’t that a problem for those who converted all the jewel upgrades they had before this upgrade?

You need more shards, but jewels also upgrade more, for example:

10 shards D = 1 D = +10 upgrades

This way we keep the same ratio and its just there to make it easier for you to upgrade from 0 to 500 rather than clicking 500 times


Quest there you need to colect 500k gold in 6hours really not workng here…

In 30min i collected just 5%. So in 1h it will be 10%. In 6hours = 60%.
And the only one way to collect that 500k is to take everything from the ground (it doesnt count if i get award from other quests or if i sale some items).

Sorry, but looks like that there is no chance to collect that amount in 6hours like that… :upside_down_face:

Yeah I need the name of that quest because I think it actually requires 200k but it says 500k

Are you Synkas in game too?

Nope. Its Huanas in game

Yeap, it is actually 200k you need to gather and you gathered 9068 at the time I checked thus 4.5%

I am sure 200k in 6h can be done

I dont think so. Played almost nonstop. I dont think i will collect 80% more in the next 3hours

Edit: and its failed.

when will there be a more detailed changelog?

I will work on a detailed changelog today alongside bug fixes