1.5.1 - Fixes and Tweaks

Weekend event

  • +30% More Gems from all purchases!
  • 1.5x EXP
  • 1.25x Gold drop
  • 1.5x HP and MP buff
  • Golden and Silver Ticket drops!


  • Fixed some quests not showing up or disappearing
  • Fixed wizard skins
  • Fixed Corrupted jewels to earn or lose upgrades 1:-1
  • Significantly reduced the number of materials required to craft leather/metals/cloth/composites
  • Increased amount of materials received from low level salvaged equipment
  • 1.5 quests required a min of level 100 now
  • You can enter Rynthia HL at level 100 now
  • Increased some quests time-to-complete to 48h
  • Allow 2k characters in guild MOTD panel

Con la actualización 1.5 esta genial el sistema de jewels corruptas, pero ahora que actualizaron 1.5.1 ya nadie usara jewels corruptas para mejorar items. Lo unico bueno que podrian hacer por las jewels corruptas es crear un sistema de mejoras el cual se trata de que ya no sean corruptas asi ya no fallen 50%, sino que sean 100% de utilida…
Sobre los jefes Rynthia Highlands estan muy fuertes que matan de un golpe tienen una fuerza descomunal que ni con mi entrenamiento no puedo aguantar 1 golpe, sobre las pets nuevas ya que e visto a un usuario con una pet en forma de ninja queria saber como es la forma de conseguir las pets nuevas. Me gusta mucho el nuevo contenido que metieron. @Alkanov

Concuerdo con usted…una lastima me estaban gustando mas las jewels corruptas pero ahora son una menuda desgracia +150 que te baje es como jugar la ruleta rusa…no vale la pena las corruptas ahora solo sirve para estar de adornos…grande @Alkanov pense que algo bueno hiciste en la 1.5…pero me retracto totalmente con tu nueva actualizacion de 1.5.1…

Saludos y gracias por leer mi pequeña critica…espero que lo que dijo el usuario @Spoiler te ayude de referencia para un futuro próximo…sino pues suerte innovando para arriba y no para abajo.

On the news section of the main menu page, the link said to discuss it here so I’m talking about this here.

First of all thank you for the wonderful update yet again.

The fixes included wizard skins’ disappearance and the previous hot fix too fixed the invisible skins.

Unfortunately, now there’s another one…

It is actually very cool, it doesn’t have a negative impact on the actual equipment.
The only thing is that, now a Hunter is equipping a sword and a shield.
It is kinda strange and funny to look at when you would certainly be intending to see how a Warrior would appear upon equipping the set, not by another class :joy:

Let me share it, using a screenshot-

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I went to check the vendor to see the other basic skins, only the warrior sets were faulty.
O also, though if we look individually at each class’ premium skins, and they’re all fine; if at the latest content page then… Um… I dunno why all the skins are named Celestial Paladin Female

Fix this quest. There is no chance to both collect req. materials and salvage that amount of items in 2h

Its possible. I can complete the quest in 1 hour.

I dont believe it.

For me to get full inventor of items (50+ slots) takes about 10min. So to salvage that amount of items u need at least 30min. And i can kill 90lvl mobs with one hit

Just need to think outside the box of more efficient ways to complete the quest.