1.4 Release notes: Translations, Hard Server, PvP Server, Mobs and Small balance changes!

v1.4 - See what is coming in the next update, soon! Translations, Hard Server, PvP Server, Mobs and Balance changes!

Before nothing I want to thank all the community for helping in the last balance update and start preparing for what could come in the next months. (We are doing new maps and thinking in new content that could include new mobs, new farm places, new challenges, new items and a lot of more stuff…)

We now have a competitive PvP and a balanced PvE so everyone could enjoy their class, and also I promise this will be the last patch touching things related to balance and all going to be stable so everyone get used to it, you have my word.

Before start talking about the last balance changes/tweaks I want to introduce the first big changes:


  • This patch will include translation of the game in Spanish and Portuguese. This change is experimental for now, so you could find a lot of bugs. Is a work in progress.

New Hard Servers

  • Hard: 25% more experience from mobs and 75% harder mobs.

  • Hard PvP: 35% more experience from mobs, 25% more gold and 75% harder mobs. This server will be PvP Free Karma: You can kill anyone without any side effect, and you can’t drop anything in there, no penalties at all, karma doesn’t exist in this server.

Both servers will have less respawn time than normal ones.

Master mobs

  • For all servers(Hard and Normal) we’ve introduced a new type of mob called Master. If a mob has at the end of the name the [M] tag it means that its a Master mob. e.g.: Observer [M]
    Master mobs gives you 1000%(10x times) more experience, and more drop chance, but they are harder to kill. You can find any master mob in every mob levell 90+.

General change to mobs

  • All mobs totally revamped: Balanced all levels, stats and experience from mobs from zero.
  • Death Watch and Observer drop level 90 items(and level 100 potions(old level 95 potions renamed to level 100))
  • All mobs every ten levels will drop the same quality / tier of items, that means for example a fire mob will never drop again an ice item, the same will happen with all other mobs. If you need an equipment of lvl 30 you must kill mobs between 30 and 39, after lvl 40 to 49 it will drop the next tier of items, etc.

All mob spawn places were revamped

  • Added more mobs in skeleton dungeon, dessert, soulmask cave, ice(and Rhyntia), fire cave.
  • Moved water elemental to octopus place.
  • Octopus place now its going north(down) through the ghost town.
  • Swap place between death watch and observers.
  • Some mobs that were magical went to melee and another one that were melee went to magical mobs, for example a bee doing magical damage never made sense, also a lost soul making melee damage, etc. That was fixed in this patch.

Quests and exp potions improved

  • All quests and exp potions will give 1% extra experience by each rebirth you got. That means if you are 10 rebirth you will get 10% extra experience by quests and experience potions.

Class balance changes


  • Ice Spear - Fireball: Went back to old type of Ice Spear and Fireball, we received a lot of complains about this so we listened to the communtiy. Sorry for the inconvenience it was a mistake and we thought about it and understood all the people who complained so we going to rollback this change. We truly apologize.
  • Corpse Life Drain: Fixed not healing the amount that it should in PVE. (Bug)
  • Burn: Changed to a primary skill because it’s a main skill with damage not a secondary one, also matches poison arrow and bleed. Decreased cooldown a bit 9 -> 7.5.
  • Blizzard: Decreased cooldown 1 second.


  • Soul Cravings: Fixed not healing the amount that it should in PVE. Now its a primary skill, the same, it’s a main skill with damage.
  • Execution: Removed crit dmg if hp low than 50% and added 2.5x times range because it “throws a knife” to your target. Going to be good for PvE and give more chance towards hunters and wizards while fighting in pvp.
  • Bleed: Decreased cooldown a bit. 8.1 -> 6.75
  • On your knees: Decreased cooldown 1 second.
  • Charge: Added a bit of extra attack speed to the skill effect. Also if you were slowed it removes the debuff slow you got(if present).
  • Dismember: Decreased cooldown. 15 -> 7.5.


  • Camouflage: We changed the behaviour a bit, you could still be hit by any AoE skill in the game, and at the moment you receive the damage your position will be shown to the enemy but you will go back to be camouflaged until the buff is gone.
  • Multishot: Cooldown from 4.8 to 5 seconds.
  • Snipe: Damage nerfed from 1.71 to 1.5. Decreased cooldown to 4.5s from 4.8s.
  • Steady shot: Cooldown from 1.58 to 1.5s. The cooldown was too long.
  • Hamstring shot: Cooldown increased from 4.8 to 5.6 seconds.
  • Mutli Trap: Changed to secondary skill. Cooldown at 6 seconds.
  • Poison trap: Decreased cooldown at 4.5 seconds.
  • Booby trap: Decreased cooldown at 5 seconds
  • Hunters Mark: Fixed not reducing the dodge by 25%(Flat reduce)


  • Final Protection: Changed name to Final Judgment: Besides increasing dodge chance it also increases critical chance. Changed from primary to secondary skill. This is because it’s a secondary skill, that means a buff.
  • Holy Light: Added a new effect, does life leech by 10% of the damage done(50% chance to success). Changed from secondary to primary skill because it does damages and also heals(primary function of a paladin).
  • Silence: Increased range from 2x to 2.5x times. Decreased cooldown from 15 seconds to 7.5 seconds. Changed from secondary to primary skill because it does damages and debuffs.
  • Linked hearts: Changed from primary to secondary skill since is a support/party skill.

Now all classes are consistent in primary and secondary skills. For more and deep information check the Skill Books thread in Wiki section.

Item Mods & Caps

  • Cooldown reduction changed CAP from 33% to 25%: We found the cap of 33% breaking some things and numbers of the skill balance, it was necessary to keep the game working as expected. Hope you will understand it.

  • Attack speed cap is at 0.75s attacks per second(For a hunter its aprox 50% more attack speed mods)

  • Changed mdef and pdef mods to match int and str mod values (that means max is 10 now in a lvl 90/95 item). Nothing to say here, if you could have 10 int or str in a mod that means you will have the same amount of defense to be honest and fair.

  • All mods were tweaked a bit, see the table below:

  • Potions lvl 95 now are lvl 100 ones.

  • Bug: Fixed siderite and sapphire enchantments not working as expected.

  • Dodge: 1.5% (Buff)

  • Crit: 1.5% (Buff)

  • HP Regen: 1%

  • CDR: 1.25% (Nerf)

  • Cast Time: 2.5% (Buff)

  • Attack Speed: 2.5% (Nerf)

  • Walking Speed: 2.5% (Buff)

  • Reflect Damage: 2.5% (Buff)

  • Extra Crit Dmg: 3% (Buff)

  • MDEF/PDEF: 10 (Nerf)

  • DEX Stat: 15 at lvl 90/95 (Buff)

  • AGI Stat: 15 at lvl 90/95 (Buff)

If you look it you can see that almost all of mods requires total of 20 mods to reach a cap, that means a player could reach almost 2 caps now at the same time

General bugs

  • Fixed a bug when using hunter’s ritual when having speed banner it wasn’t extending the duration of the speed buff.
  • Fixed bug sometimes shield stun or stun trap bugged your attack
  • Fixed soul sacrifice not showing up “don’t have mana” warning when you don’t have mana
  • Fix mana banner healing the mana of the owner inside it a lot less than party members

I hope you enjoy it and understand it, A 2v2 tournament is near so stay tuned.

Feel free to discover the rest in game.

During today I will be updating all the Wiki posts with the v1.4 information so you can also check it over there.

When this will be released? TBA: It will be announced soon, we don’t have a date yet because we are finishing the translations.



The team is to be congratulated … there was even a tear here! TOP!

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Niceee! :heart::ok_hand:t5: Hope to see the update soon.

But, Snipe buffed and nerfed at same time. :astonished: :disappointed_relieved: Hunters are going to be the one crying in this update I guess. Lol!
P.S. I’m a hunter. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Really nice patch, server pvp perfect idea , if we can later have traduction french its a + because many player french dont try english game :frowning:
good job at all

Really nice changes i like them but… please make paladin and warriors more playable. For example while people grinding RB, they dont need any paladin. They dont need provoke from warrior or banner from paladin. They just run from point to another point while grind RB or EXP.

Please fix this problem. I wanna play paladin but i cant.

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Awesome work!

Since some of the skills on paladin class are being switched from primary to secondary due to the support/party nature of them then can the heal banner be switched to a secondary skill since it is a support skill / party skill?

Thanks in advance!

the primary use of a paladin is to heal(and secondary to support) its more a healer…
Due to this nature you must choose in being a battle paladin(With damage skills) and banners/buff/debuff in secondary or just being a pure healer(or a mix of the both worlds)

this is basically because if not you could have 3 damage skills in primary and heal/support in secondary, being very OP(specially in PvP)

basically a paladin with high defense + heal banner + heal and new holy light could become immortal, at this point you have the downside of not dealing damage so you cant kill also(or at least will be difficult) if we change this it result in a OP paladin in pvp, that’s why.

I didn’t look at it from that perspective but makes perfect sense.

Thanks for clarifying!

I joined this game a week ago and really enjoy it. Love it now since I’m seeing great improvement from the team. Great job!


Idk if it’s my device, but the ping counter doesn’t show anymore. How can I turn it back on?

Nice update buttt the Mobs on normal are a little too strong (death watchers) even with 5rb when attacking 2 at a time they kill me as well as ice mobs before update i could easly Rush it solo but one one mob Takes 10 shots but dodges half od them. Other than that Great work.

forge reroll system not working why u realise the new patch even its not working properly.