1.4 Event as promised

Due to few minor balance changes and downtime while we upgraded to v1.4 we have decided to trigger exp and ticket events for this weekend on top of cheap re-rolls that will stay on for 2 weeks!

Starting today we have:

  • 1.5x EXP from all sources
  • Golden & Silver tickets
  • 2 weeks of -90% augment re-rolls

Thank you all for your constant love and we hope you keep having fun with Laurum Online!
-LO team.


  • 1.5x EXP from all sources till 2020-03-09 GMT
  • Golden & Silver tickets till 2020-03-09 GMT
  • -90% augment re-roll till 2020-03-16 GMT

I love Alkanov!!!

Every day that passes, I’m just more proud!

Why you giving info about event when event start. How new players can use this event if havent time to prepare for it…

That moves only make more different between old and new players. Someone who have 10kk+ gold can make perf any item and have obviously more potential than someone who start in last months / weeks.

That moves ruined economic of game cuz noone wanna pursuit that hard boosted players.

There’d always be new players tho?

Thanks for your opinion.

There will always be new players and old players. No matter what you do, someone will be better than you (in most cases). Any attempt we do to interfere with this normal cycle will become a pain for either side.

As always, we can’t please everyone, if you like you can skip this event and be back after it ends.


Wow… I talking about something other.

nvm goodluck.

New and old players can easily find out events. You’re acting as if the old players knew of the upcoming event and new players did not. Depending on when you pick up a new game that will always be the case. They can’t pass out gold to new players cuz they created a chara when an event started so you can be equal to old players. There will be several upcoming events you will get to participate in too as you play the game and grow. Sucks on timing but not really something devs can help much. I may be wrong on what you’re trying to say here but i think thats what you mean…? Devs do try and give advanced notice of upcoming events so all players can prepare. This being a surprise event… i for one think it’s great. Be grateful xD

Okay guys for end this discut i say last time

i mean if you wanna start event 12.03 put information on forum of this 2/3 days before.

i hope you understand what im saying.

  • 10.10 event
  • 07.10 information about incoming event.

I know differents between old and new players its 100% normal first group have more experience from game and info about.

GoodNight have a nice day :slight_smile:

when the version 1.4 came live, alkanov told on discord that an event would be done after releasing the version fixing few bugs.

It is “surprise” cause he announced it but didnt told what it would be… this was in the begining of the week so, he told it to us like 3 or 4 days ago

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O que é 2 semanas de relançamentos de -90% de aumento?

O evento de Re-rool, aquele que vocĂŞ pode mudar os atributos/MODS dos seus itens por um custo bem menor do que normalmente Ă© aplicado, vai durar duas semanas.

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I mean… imo this is just looking a gift horse in the mouth type deal… saying how DARE it was not announced (which it was announced). Anyway thats my 2 cents :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

hey, i am new here but someone can explain how to gain those golden & silver tickets? (i want to know for the future events)

Hey synkas, they just drop from mobs randomly.

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