1.4.9 is the worst update ever

  • decreased drop rate
  • in 1.4.5 you added mobs in some places and in 1.4.9 you decreased it like it was in 1.4
  • etc.

My question, why you even worked too much for 1.4.5? For example, one of your goals in 1.4.5 update was to make better drops, but with this update you fucked up this idea.
You working on update, spending your time, and then in the next update, you changing your mind and changing everything back or worse than before. This is so stupid.

I saw that someone said that 1.4.9 update has full code from 1.5. If 1.4.9 is a 1.5 teaser, than plz dont make update to 1.5. Dont make everything worse than now.

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Thanks for your opinion.

1.5 has new end game areas and players will move on from Rynthia to such areas. This is why monster respawn points were reduced in most places.

Monsters = server resources, having idle monsters everywhere is not the way to go if we want to be able to accommodate 300+ new spawns.

This, items nerf and couple other things were things we didn’t intend to release on 1.4.9 and are working to roll back as we can.

There is also another factor: This is my hobby, not my main job, reason why I not always have time to sit down and change things around.

Said that right before you decided to vomit this post on me I was tweaking monster respawn time which is something I can do and will take nearly immediate effect (upon server restart). Obs and Ice had respawn times of 20s each and I cut it to 10s and 8s.

Thanks for your first post and contribution to our community.


Hola! Gracias por dedicarle tanto tiempo al juego y estar pendiestes de los reclamos de todos los players! Realmente haces un trabajo excelente!
Todo tenemos una vida, fuera del juego a la cual atender!
Espero estos comentarios " haters " no te desmotiven !
Gracias por su gran trabajo!
Saludos . desdd Argentina!
Y gracias de nuevo por este Juegazooo!!