- Guild tweaks

On this tweak update, we are changing a few things in order to make guild buffs more accessible and easy to use.

Important changes:

  • Critical: Guild Moderators can now activate guild buffs. To force all guild owners to wisely pick their Moderators we have demoted all guild moderators to officers.
  • Buff duration has been changed from 12h to 2h
  • Buff prices have been reduced by a lot!


  • Fixed quest bugs
  • Fixed multiple bugs on the client (thus why we need everyone to update)

Edit: Linking this here for future geniuses Buffs got.more expensive


how long will the downtime be estimated?

Edit* Now that i met u in this forum i was also wondering what the discord benefits are that we get from patreon?

Can you re issue guild coins and gems please for new active guilds

I like this game

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I thought this update will fix that thing when mobs doesnt drop anything. But looks like chance to nothing drop is increased after this update. Thanks again for wonderfull update

Well, you need to look harder because this code has not changed at all. Thanks for your useful opinion

I looked and everything is worse than before. I tested, killed almost 200 mobs and just got 4 jewels and 5 stones in ice. Everything what i got from mobs is materials or nothing.
Another example elite mobs. They still give some amount of xp like normal mobs. And this is not fixed since 1.4 i think. So tell me, whats the point for player right now to kill these stronger elite mobs?
Thats very ‘profesional’ when you foccusing only on things to fix where 80% of players doesnt care about it (like guild buffs) and leave real problems for a long time.

Speak for yourself i know myself and the 70 members of my guild care about these buffs alot more then we do the elite mobs. Lol

Yea 70 peoples care and other 200 doesnt give a f* about it. Not everyone in the game is in guild if you forget

Who is the other 200 people I can account for my numbers can you? Also you do know the hard servers or elite mobs as you call them are only 25% loot which isnt shockingly better. The math typically comes out right for me maybe its your rng. Use a larger sample then 200… thats child’s play do at least 1000 since jewels are at 3% rate 3.75% rate in your case… assuming no gear is enhancing your drop rates. And see if you dont average somewhere around 37stones…

And how about u? Did u really heard from all these 70 members that they really care about these buffs? 100, 200 or 500 peoples, its just a example so dont take this too serously.
How i said, not everyone in the game has joined in the guild and not everyone want to join so i dont think so that this is important update for everyone and everyone cares about it.
Before that 1.4.9 i was online 3-4 hours in the day. Sometimes more. Because it was fun to play. But after these last updates i dont want to play even 1 hour. And i think this is not only me. It sucks after 10min of playing when everytime mob drops is just nothing or materials. Even before 1.4 when drop rates was lower it was a lot better to play.

There is lots of drops lvl 1-95. Even more than before, since respawn rate was changed.

Your very wrong the guild update is one of most important thing for the games survival. To help produce income for the development and server cost. Changing drop rates does nothing and like I said elite mobs hardly worth the time unless your wiping them out as a casual would a normal mob. Some may not want to join a guild but many are joining daily. Being part of a group having a common goal takes away from the grind a little.

Por isso o Alknove fica chateado, tudo que ele faz pra melhorar a galera reclama. Curti o jogo e para de reclamar. Tem tanta coisa pra fazer e você fica falando de coisas pequenas.

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