1.4.5 - Game Changes, caps, training, jewel shards, better drops, PVP system changes and more

[TBA] V1.4.5 - What’s coming in next patch

I will keep this post updated with the last changes we are introducing, so this is not final and could be changed or updated at any time.

We don’t have a release date yet, we are working on it, testing and fixing the bugs.

It will be a small patch but with a few nice things.

Game Changes

New mythical premium titles

We will add a few new mythical titles (dark red color) that you can buy with gems.

Permanent exp bonus and re-roll discount

We will have a permanent 1.5x exp bonus to all our servers to make the game easier at the beginning and because we feel that people enjoy it more. With that we will also keep the current re-roll cost as permanent discount also because of the same reason. Enjoy it !

New stat training system

To match the upcoming changes that we are going to have along the next months we are releasing a new stat training system that will make the game very interesting introducing a lot of new builds and variations.
The new training system will work like this:
Every 5 levels of stat training you will earn a permanent 1 stat bonus.
Every each rebirth you will get a permanent 4% bonus to all your stats (Apart from the 10 permanent rebirth points).
That will be a game changer because now you will need to train all your stats! And most important one, rebirth will be crucial to get the best benefits.

Check all the details here:
See [Wiki] Stat Training
See [Wiki] Rebirth System

New caps

  • Stat training cap will be 2000. (400 More stats)
  • Rebirth cap will be 25.
  • Max level allowed is 150.
  • Item drop chance, exp rate and gold drop chance capped to 100% max.

New jewel shards

  • Cool brand new Jewel Shards. What are the jewel shards? Great question! Now you can press “use” in a jewel, and that jewel will go to your material inventory. Cool! So you need to stop worrying about alt accounts and store all jewels in your main account. This is a great change because then we could add recipes and crafting to improve corrupted jewels, or craft a jewel crate with 25 jewels inside it so you can try at one time 25 jewels and no need to do a lot of trades… Stay tuned because we will be updating this new functionality to improve it :wink:

With the new upgrade shards system you will be allowed to craft
From 2 Jewel shards A -> 1 Jewel B
From 2 Jewel shards B -> 1 Jewel C
From 2 Jewel C -> 1 Jewel D

New training stones

  • We are going to introduce 11 new training stones and also will revamp all the level requirements of the stones, now all stones will require a level 100 to use, check here (the ones without images are the new ones): [Wiki] Training Stones

  • All training stones are dropped now only in Observers and Death Watch with a percentage of 1% and in ice with a percentage of 2.5%.

Better drops

  • Jewel drop increased.

    • Normal:
      Mobs Lv 50+: 1%
      Mobs Lv 100+: 2.5%
      Devil Square: 2.5%
      Boss: 5%
    • Corrupted:
      Devil Square: 2.5%
      Boss: 5%
  • All skills that were drop in Devil Square now doesn’t matter which level of DS you are doing. That mean you will find any skill at ds lvl 10 or lvl 50 or lvl 100 or lvl 150. Of course the higher the wave you are, the higher the percentage to find a skill.

Necklaces and rings improved

  • All necklaces and rings now can be used at lvl 1. Because the rarity of them we want to reward the players that got one to use them from lvl 1 while rebirth.

PvP system

  • PvP will be removed from all (or almost all) the normal servers, so you could kill other players only in the arena over there. This is because we want players to play in peace, if you like to PK go to a PvP server instead.

  • If you want PvP you must go to hard or nightmare server instead, or any normal server that says that PvP is enabled there.

  • Now in any PvP server, all the world will be PK (only exception is Laurum Harbour).

  • The karma (Positive and negative) system is back in PvP servers, but without penalties at all. I mean you will not drop anything if you are red, you will not get any penalization in experience, neither in gold while dying or not even in using pets. It’s just a system to flag player killers, nothing else. If you are red in a PvP server and you go to a normal server you will not be PK because karma in normal servers will not exist.

  • GvG system were disabled and removed because now doesn’t make sense anymore with the no penalties while PK in PvP servers.

More drop chance in nightmare and hard

  • Nightmare and hard server have more drop chance. 1.5x in nightmare and 1.25x in hard. That means for example that if steady shot drop chance is 1% then in hard will be 1.25% and in nightmare 1.5%.

  • Note: For now nightmare server will not be back for a while.

Other changes

  • The formula that allows you or not to gain exp from a mob due to the lvl difference is changed. Now a you will earn exp from any mob at any lvl, and you also will get the drop. So if you are lvl 150 and want to kill snakes lvl 1, you can. This will be very helpful for guys that want to help his friends carrying around the world.

  • Formula that handles the experience earned from mobs also changed. The max tolerance between your level and the mob you are trying to kill is ±10, after that or before that you will suffer a huge penalization. The only exception here is if you are level 90+ and you are killing any mob level 90+.

  • You don’t earn positive karma anymore from mobs. The only way to up your karma is killing red players.

  • Mana formula of skills changed: now skills require less mana than before, this will be noticeable specially at very low and high levels. This is mostly because since we did the balance now it’s required more mana to kill someone or a mob, so to be fair we reduced the mana required from all skills changing the mana formula.

  • Improved mana potions

  • Improved all charges of all potions

  • Added a few mobs in some places, specially in desert, ice, skeleton tomb and fire cave.

  • Paladin and warrior got a minor boost in base attack speed, walking speed and range to help them in farm places full of hunter and wizards and gave a chance to them.

  • Mobs will be passive until lvl 25, that means the mobs will start attacking you at lvl 30+ (Water element) to make it easier for noobs at the beginning.

  • Mana shield will be used until you hit 25% of your max mana, right now it is used until your mana is dissapear, this will be more useful in PvP and PvE because you will not end with empty mana.

  • Quick cast increased duration time from 2.5 to 5 seconds

  • Final judgement reduced stun time for 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds to give more benefit of the dodge/crit chance to the paladin

  • Nerfed crit damage cap to 50%, and mod to 1.25%, you need 20 mods to reach cap.

  • Due to new training system we were forced to nerf a bit agi and dex points for each class because it would be too easy to reach 50% dodge and crit for a warrior and wizard then, check Wiki Classes & Stats post for updated base stat points in agi and dex.

  • Linked hearts reduced to 50% redirect damage

  • Small improvement over fireball, ice spear, poison arrow, blizzard, meteor rain, whirlwind, bleed and provoke. (Really minor but worth mentioning)

  • Updated some quests requirements, exp and gold reward to match better the new mobs lvl that we got the last patch.

  • All DOT effects now have a hidden effect on players (poison, bleed, burn). If you have been DOT your HP/MP regeneration time will be reduced temporary so instead of regenerating life/mana every 5 seconds you will regenerate every 7.5 seconds. When the effect is gone you will be regenerating at normal time (5 seconds). If you think about it it makes totally sense in a logic way and gives more tools when fighting because DOT effects are a bit forgotten right now.

  • New Anti-AFK system: To avoid exploiting if you were AFK for some time you will stop earning experience from mobs until you move again. Remember that this is not an AFK game and using bots/macros or any external program is penalized with a permanent ban. We are very serious in this. So be smart and play honest.

Bug Fixing

  • We fixed a lot of bugs related to blue skull, some skills weren’t working like DOTs and some traps.

  • We fixed white skull, if someone attacks you and is flagged you can defend with the white skull now.

  • Fixed a lot of translations issues, if you found something please report in here when this patch is released.

  • Fixed annoying bug while teleporting and making you walk slow after that.

  • Fixed in DS not showing up the current wave or if someone got killed.

  • Fixed DS in lvl 140-150 all mobs where physical.

  • Fixed some exploits and I hope the annoying negative experience bug that random guys are experimenting.

  • Fixed when going outside DS you were not allowed to use teleports because it said that you still were there.

  • Fixed permanent buff exploit.

Thank you!


Nice job kev! Keep it up :ok_hand::ok_hand::metal:

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On the question of a low level being able to access the observers and the ice, will it be resolved, or will that not be a problem?

For example:

Today a level 50 if you are partying with a level 100+ you can use the teleporter handle to go to the observer and ice.

ps .: There is a banner that limits access to these maps only to level 80+, however using teleportation scroll this limitation does not exist.

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At lvl 50 you will not get exp(I mean you will get it but it will be like 1 o 2 experience due to the penalization) from obs/watch/ice
So no need to filter the teleport scroll because doesn’t make any sense
You could go to obs at lvl 70 to earn exp (20 diff lvl max allowed so at lvl 70 you could kill a lvl 90 mob)
A high rb and stat training at lvl 70 could kill obs, so we are ok with that.

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I have a question to this point :

  • Formula that handles the experience earned from mobs also changed. The max tolerance between your level and the mob you are trying to kill is ±20, after that or before that you will suffer a huge penalization. The only exception here is if you are level 90+ and you are killing any mob level 90+.

Is it mean that after rebirth the cap is not increasing? I will be not able to kill low levels monster? Rebirth is not anymore useful?

Help me

The cap is more or less 20 levels of your level, rebirth doesn’t matter. You will gain exp with all mobs, just if you are below or above 20 levels you will gain super low exp due to the penalization.
You have a wide range of monsters to kill, 40 levels in total…
If you are level 100 you will not train anymore in a treant place. Doesn’t make sense. Almost all games do this with 10 levels, not 20.


So time to do rebirth.I will buy 50 level pro eq and train on treants :slight_smile:

Remember that all training stones requires lvl 90 now.

Even Procyon stone omG you right

Everytime when I am starting to play games and I putting money games are falling down after update. I am afraid of this update oO

So after update I will not be able to farm items like 2xexp at treants because I will be getting exp? It will be button to stop getting exp or something like this?

You will get drops from any mob, you just will get slow(very slow) exp, that’s it…
At lvl 150 you could kill snakes or treants and get drops, this was improved.


Finally we Paladins can deal some damage before dps class 2-shot mobs :joy:

I think the ideas sound fair, you still get drops from any mob. If you want more exp. go to harder servers.

On a side note, can you make a Dismantle npc. What I mean by that is that sometimes we get item drops with +1,+5,etc. that have no use (since they don’t have all 3 stat rolls) If we could covert those into something useful that would be awesome. For example, a +5 item can be destroyed and gives 5 rocks, collect those and exchange for other items (jewels maybe?)

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That would be unfair. Sorry. Drop chance of a jewel is 2%. Drop chance of an item +5 is 2/5%. So you get jewels faster.

Well it doesn’t have to be that exact item or ratio. The idea is to make use of the random +# items you get.


In this update can we manufacture jewelry from fragments of jewelry?


Good right?


Very good, in fact, brilliant!

Everybody is going to convert mags for paladin and hunters for warriors :smiley:

Never :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: