1.3 - Rebalance - See what's new

We have worked for a lot of hours and weeks for a balance rework. The main idea behind it it’s that every class has a meta and we wanted to improve some skills that before were a bit useless.
You could enjoy now a lot of new builds and class variations so no class and no build will be invincible, all of them will have a meta, you must discover it.

We have worked in all the equipment stats, accesories, item mods, formulas in PVP and PVE, duration in buff and debuff, in all the skills (all of them have been tweaked, mana, cooldown, cast time and damage). Also some of them were totally revamped so feel free to check every skill of every class again. The most changed ones were:

  • Speed banner: Now besides movement speed it adds attack speed, cast time reduction and cooldown reduction.
  • Burn shield: Now it’s AoE, does mean that you will keep the buff until is gone, before was removed when you got hit
  • Battle shout: It’s AoE now. Shared with party.
  • Increased mana: It’s AoE now. Shared with party.
  • Magic and Physical banner: Both of them now are applied outside the banner, so if you cast it and go through the banner you will keep the buff outside, like speed banner.
  • On your knees: Now it does damage and applies stun or slow down (like Wizard’s Blizzard)
  • Frozen hands: Now it buffs your walking speed. Wizard was the only class without a speed buff, so here you are!
  • Multi trap: Now it also applies bleed.
  • Acrobatics: Now it adds 25% flat dodge only.
  • Hunter’s mark: Debuff your target’s dodge.
  • Poison arrow: Removed damage on hit, but added 100% poison effect (Now it’s like bleed or burn, but with poison).
  • Silence: 100% chance of success.
  • Armor Crusher: 100% chance of success.

Some skills of the hunter were changed of place, hawkeye, camouflage and ritual now are secondary. Multishot, multitrap and booby trap are primary.

Besides all of that, every debuff and buff were tweaked also, so feel free to check the new percentages applied, duration, cooldown, etc.
The PVP nerf damage and formula to calculate damage and defense were improved to make battles more interesting so forget about dying with one hit like it happens now.

Let’s go to the numbers.

Here you will see the old numbers followed by an arrow showing the new numbers (base stats and modifiers) for each class. I will be showing also the lvl 90 items for all classes. (Notes: the base number is the number that applies to each item lvl, so if you want to know the lvl 80 stats just get lvl 90 stats and minus the base stat. If you want to know the lvl 70 you should minus two times the base stat, and go on…).

  • MP And HP / Kill nerfed to 2%(from 3%)
  • MP And HP / Kill capped to 10% max
  • Capped HP regen to 25% max (with corrupted lazuli stationary you could end up with 50%)
  • Dodge from equipment nerfed from 2% to 1% to match Critical chance(1%)
  • Decreased STR/INT mods by 2(Now max is 10 before was 12)
  • Increased extra critical damage mod from 1 to 2
  • Improved max mana and hp from item mods
  • Added agi mod in items


Here you can see the complete list of skills with all the information. The mana column is not showing really how much mana your skill will consume, that formula is dynamic. Is calculated by YourLVL + Skill Mana(This has not been touch, right now it’s working like that also) but I must clarify to avoid confusion.



  • Increased range a bit
  • Increased walking speed a bit


  • Increased range and attack speed a bit


  • Increased attack speed a bit

Some training stones were revamped also to make them more useful, specially for Warrior/Wizard/Paladin:

  • Procyon -> 8 STR 5 STA
  • Centauri -> 8 INT 5 STA
  • Agena -> 3 STA 3 INT 8 MDEF
  • Bellatrix -> 3 STA 8 INT 2 AGI 2 DEX

All enchantments were revamped, check it out in the following graph:

Other notes


  • Added all mods in reroll machine npc (EXCEPT EXP)

Regen while in combat mode

  • Changed regen time(in combat only) from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds because with new damage formula it went out into immortal players, only for HP not MP.

Dodge and crit

  • Dodge and crit now are soft cap at 25% and hard cap at 50%. Hawkeye, acrobatics and final protection can go up the cap to 75% but only in PVE, in PVP its 50 hard capped no matter what. (Soft cap means that after 25% every point you earn will be half of it.). Skills are applied in a flat way so if you have 30 dodge and you earn 25% from acrobatics you will end up with 55 in PVE, and in 50 in PVP.

Defense in PVP and PVE

  • In PVP and PVE the other type defense were taking into account, for example if you received INT damage, 0.2% of your PHISICAL damage were took into account. Right now does only happens in PVE and by 0.25%(so more defense) but in PVP that feature was removed.

Critical damage

  • Base crit damage before were 200% in PVE and 135% in PVP, now its 125% in both of them.

If something goes broken, wrong or OP it will be fixed so take it easy. Remember that we want to have a more competitive PvP battles, and that everyone could enjoy their class with their strengths and cons. I’ve expended a lot of effort on this with help of all the council members and some players, specially from @Jorob, @Kraghack, @Qeviv, @Mozine_Bardok, @Stormbeat, @Jossvve, @Zealotwraith, @Gaby, @Zelp and of course @Alkanov

Remember this please:
Warrior > Hunter
Hunter > Wizard
Wizard > Warrior
Paladin is in the middle can beat anyone or be beaten by anyone


Really a balance was needed, let’s try it!

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Is there a date for the game to be balanced?

Not yet, when everything is tested and done, probably in the next 2 weeks I think…


This sounds like a pretty good thing to come i started playing as a paldin and i noticed how the class is almost completely supportive and it would make it hard to get drops if u are with a party because u can’t land enough killing shots the burn shield AOE will help alot with that also the speed banner kept annoying me because it have no use other than speeding up which is in the name ofcourse however there’s no point in speed because u can’t kite with a tank but now it will increase hit speed and the casting speed which makes it alot more useful i do suggest that the basic attacks of all characters gets buffed a bit or make kiting possible due to the fact that if 2 lv 100’s were fighting in a 1 on 1 they just absorb the basic attacks which makes it pointless basically person with the more damaging skills will win that’s about it


this “balance” is just confirming that warrior and mage will be OP and the other classes bad for pvp.

First of all, these speed buff that put everyone at max speed of the game…this make no sense!!! warrior charge shouldnt be more than 20%, hunter like 35% and speed on mage??? NO WAY! speed on pala like 20/25%, specially now that the skill will do other buffs.

is the same old talk, if everyone is special, no one is special. this thing with every class running at max speed is terrible.

looking on stats, warrior have HP increase, pdef increse and pdmg increase. he also have the biggest hp, pdef and pdmg of the game??? this make no sense. the hp and pdef warrior had was more than enough and increase his dmg??? no way!!

another thing to take note, you put the dmg of sword the same dmg as mage staff and you deacreased hunter bow dmg by a lot!!! wth… again, why warrior have the biggest hp, dmg, pdef and higher skills modifiers…

hunter already have hard time killing people, the skills have low modifiers and now you decrease the weapon dmg that much… you are taking the few chance hunter had to try pvp and now you are also making him bad for pve with so low dmg, good job

you decrease modifier on steady shot to 1.26 and wizard ice spear is 1.4 so, you are again making other classes better doing what hunter is supposed to do. hunter will lose its poison arrow instant dmg ability on a try do fix the dodge pvp problem (which is a terrible way to fix it instead of decrease the cap) and guess what will be the best hunter dmg skill?? the starting skill snipe, cause all the other are shit on this balance. cool!!

the AOE skill continue to do great dmg and specilly mage will continue to explode the entire screen

warior now have the two stun skill doing dmg… first of all, he shouldnt have two stun skill…

i also dont get why the two classes that have the biggest base dmg values both in stat and weapon (warrior and mage) also have the biggest skill modifiers. these things scale the dmg, making them even more OP…

if this “balance” goes like this, this is goodbye to laurum cause the class i want to play will become even more useless and i dont want to play another class just cause it is OP

EDIT: and before someone say bow + quiver do the same dmg as sword/staff, why a class would need 2 itens do do the same as 1 item??? the other class get real buff on the left hand itens while hunter will need to seek two itens to keep his dmg on the same pace as others, and dont forget about the upgrades, cause hunter will need 1000 jewels to get the same dmg from itens that mage and warrior will get from a single iten and 500 jewels… what is the gain hunter have on quiver then??? miserable 2% crit rate -.-


Ahem… im not gonna say how… but if these are the numbers they stick with… hunter will be op as balls!

Maybe im just one of those doesn’t want the same build as every hunter… but I see two ways in these changes hunter can be extremely OP. People need to stop judging hunter based on the meta of rb points to str, lvl points to str, run around with steady and pew pew…


I would like to make 3 suggestions if possible. Although one doesn’t have to do with balance, and I’ll refrain from critique on current planned changes till test realm…

1.) Swap gear sets!!! It would be really nice if you could introduce this especially with the balance patch… a way to have 2 sets “equipped”. Stats of course only gained from the “active” set, but the ability to be out farming exp or items and then BOOM, someone rolls in and attacks you?? Quick swap and fight back!!! Naturally give it a cool-down so it can’t be abused. But I think this would be very useful especially since most tend to have at least 2 sets of gear… farming and pvp.

2.) I would also like to suggest 1 extra skill slot per primary/secondary if possible. 3 skills each I feel is too limited, and having the ability to use them all freely takes away having a “build” that creates uniqueness. And although you can swap your build around at any time I feel having 4 skills primary/secondary available would be a nice balance of build variation without being overly restricted as it feels now. When its this restricted everyone just runs the same stuff. (I can give more examples of this in another thread if needed)

3.) I still stand by my earlier suggestion in another thread to make a way for jewels to be upgraded. Like 2 A’s make a B. 2 B’s make a C so on and so on. With the way jewels scale you need far more of the C’s and D’s but the drop rate is pretty even. This leaves a huge pool of A’s and sometimes even B’s that you cant even sell on market/chat and end up just vendoring. Especially with the A’s!!! I know this would influence the economy a little bit but nothing too crazy considering the values already. But it would at least give those lower tier jewels some purpose when all your gear is 50+ and need C/D …the A’s and B’s become useless and rather hard to get rid of (unless you happen upon that person who found an upgrade and needs those 15/35 A’s/B’s on the fly…but how often does that really happen)

Lastly again, I wont critique until I can have fun in test realm… but I will say so far the balance seems pretty good from what number crunching I have done. The only thing I am curious about is the mention of “reduced PVP dmg” ? Can we get any info on that? Like how much is the dmg reduced, how will it work with burn/psn/bleed? And how is it implemented in accordance with stats? ie.) is the reduction taken after stats are calculated (dmg dealt vs def/mdef = dmg - pvp reduction%) or is it calculated first (dmg dealt - pvp reduction % vs def/mdef = dmg dealt) these questions and answers respectively could have a HUGE impact on how things play out ^.^

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Before I even read the above theories Ill drop the link to Testland that is currently being developed and mostly compiled every 2 days or so, we are only testing with windows as its the faster and easier client to compile (plus all the devs are on PC anyway) and you can get the latest client from our public repo here:

Test stuff yourself and then leave a feedback with facts in your hands.


Aloria i understand your concerns. But those ideas would change the game play. Why do we all like this ? Because of the difficulty. We don’t want it to be easier… But as I said, I understand it points

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go testland please and then talk about the balance, because seeing numbers you can’t say anything about it
replying to you and showing why you are so wrong it gonna take me time i don’t have

i challenge you to go testland and do a pvp match with some friend in live server, and then in testland, and compare your character details, and later say whatever you want to say, but with real arguments and not random thoughts.


Added new stat modifiers for crit and dodge for every class, check em all again.
Also more notes added:

  • Some skills of the hunter were changed of place, hawkeye and ritual now are secondary, multishot, multitrap are primary.

  • Increased range of the wizzard a bit

  • Dodge and crit now are soft cap at 25% and hard cap at 50%. Hawkeye, acrobatics and final protection can go up the cap to 75% but only in PVE, in PVP its 50 hard capped no matter what. (Soft cap means that after 25% every point you earn will be half of it.). Skills are applied in a flat way so if you have 30 dodge and you earn 25% from acrobatics you will end up with 55 in PVE, and in 50 in PVP.

  • In PVP and PVE the other type defense were taking into account, for example if you received INT damage, 0.2% of your PHISICAL damage were took into account. Right now does only happens in PVE and by 0.25%(so more defense) but in PVP that feature was removed.

  • Dodge from equipment nerfed from 2% to 1% to match Critical chance(1%)

  • Base crit damage before were 200% in PVE and 35% in PVP, now its 25% in both of them.

Tomorrow a PC client for testing will be available and be posted here

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so, after few testing on my acc is really easy to support my arguments in PVP

while i need 3 to 4 AA to kill an observer with my hunter, i kill them with 2 AA as warrior (the build is the same on all equip and mod - exp farm build)

if i do the common AA + skill + AA combo with hunter, i need 3 hits (AA + steady shot + AA) to kill observer, 2 hits using hamstring shot or snipe (AA + skill) and 2 hits with steady shot if any of them crit.

in comparinson, i one shot kill everything with common dmg of whirlwind, with execution i do 99.9% dmg to observer, i almost cant see the red color in the health bar, any skill i use i can easily AA + skill kill without crit. remember that all the skills have the most useful effects for pvp.

snipe, the most powerful dmg skill of hunter have 4761 power, shield stun, the “less power but stun chance” is 4697 power. whirlwind is 5578 power and this is my farm build.

the fun part comes now. Dot dmg on poison shot is about 400 on observer. Bleed dot dmg is 1200.

i can do this all day, i know that ill find the same results on mage, i made tests and videos about this on the current state of the game when it came live some months ago…

warrior still have a great pdef, with great pdef buffs, while hunter had a decrease on dmg so, it will do even less dmg on PVP.

if you go pvp on the current live build, you will see the dmg output of hunter is healthy compared to mage and warrior. the problem people complain about on current live about hunter is that when hunters go pvp, usually are strong old players with 1000+ hours played, 15+ RB, 400+ str lvl training. sure it will be OP… and yet, joss with 23 RB, str lvl 1000+ and OP item still die to bleed or so so warrior. same applies to burn

i see that you decreased the buff on concetration and this was needed and will help a lot on the balance, but the modifiers on all the skills of warrior and mage still are to much. remember that 1.5 on hunter isnt the same of 1.5 on mage, neither 1.5 on warrior. you put the class with the biggest base dmg values with 1.9 modifier like whirlwind and will have this OP dmg skill, 5578 power on my farm build one shot all mobs

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Gameplay has changed before… and continues to change with updates like any other game.

I’m not saying these are must have, just some quality of life changes on the 1st and 3rd idea.
1st idea merely allows you to have a second set of gear “saved to slot” that you can swap around and with a timer would be hard to abuse. The 3rd idea could be expanded on but honestly… even at the 2 per upgrade rate you’d need 8 A’s to make 1 D jewel… not game breaking here just putting lower tiers to use.
The 2nd one while it would change builds by opening it up a little, its not so crazy either. We have no talent trees or such, just skills and stats to make builds with. out of 15 skills per character they are divided by primary/secondary and you can only have 3 of each equipped, and have to swap between them (both primary/secondary are restricted by a timer to swap) A 4th skill slot each would still only be 8 max of 15 total skills which is still limiting your choice to half your skill arsenal, but allowing a little more flexibility to create a unique build. Even with the changes in balance you can still see that every class will have skills that are a must pick. (how many hunters are not gonna run Ritual or any class now that they all have a move speed buff it will be mandatory for pvp, how many mages will not run Meteor, Blizz or both?) That alone limits your choices even further. I’m just suggesting a way that opens up something more creative, more individualistic, without being OP and opening all skills (cause having all skills available is the same as having so few… everyone is the same)


Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Nerf poison arrow. This is ridiculous. Bleed and burn 5 seconds. Poison arrow 8 seconds? Coldown 9 seconds? Poison arrow aplies infinite damage lol.

simple math 1200 x 5 = 6000 dmg. 400 x 8 = 3000 dmg

now, apply 6000 dmg against hunter with low pdef and hp

apply 3000 dmg on warrior with high hp and pdef

of course the dmg is not made like that, im just putting in a picture for you to see

guess who will be better

is it me or is crit dmg set to 0%? I noticed AA hit 2k crit only 2.4k ? checked stats and it shows 0% crit dmg. Intentional?

Why do you keep comparing Warrior vs Hunter?

I think we all know Warrior is the natural counter of the Hunter - also your tests were done in PVE but PVP uses a whole lot 2k lines of code just dedicated to it. PVP is totally different!

Why did the Hunter got so close to a Warrior? Why didnt he just used the new traps plus distance and camo to poke and deliver damage?

Everyone seems to be masters at maths here but no one takes into account the actual RPG part nor the player skill.

If we had a Hunter hit AA anywhere near a Warrior then why would you go Warrior? You have to take hits to your face to hit the same as the guy that is 1 screen away and poking with a macro?

This is exactly why I am against any balancing update, it brings the worst from most players even if its for good or bad.

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No worries alk, balance is hard … I’ve been testing it and so far it all looks good still needs some tweaking but good. I will say its gonna take some getting used to the skill switches on hunter, but otherwise testing with hunter/war seem good. (would be still interesting to have a 4th skill per set -primary/secondary- or the option to have both sets on screen at same time for better fluency (that way you can choose to use swap if you feel it clutters your screen, or just have all of your selected skills on screen at once)

The testing with paly still seemed a little weak though in my honest opinion. And it boils down to 2 things.
1.) Pally just lacks dmg skills or a means to slow down/catch hunter mage (even warrior in some cases. all 3 classes have a way to buff speed, debuff speed, and plenty of skills to deal burst dmg. Pally just doesn’t (and I don’t play pally… i’m hunter… and this weakness is still very noticeable) I would possibly suggest Silence also having a slow affect? Or giving banners a dual mechanic if possible (though hard) that would give it tactical advantage as well. Something like all the banners give buffs to self/party who walk through (as it is) gives the reverse debuff effect for enemy walking through (since red skull makes anyone targetable it works would just have to make it so party/guildies wont)
2.) And I bring this one up cause I could see another viable play on paly pvp but the skill would need to be reworked. Instead of Burn Shield a rework where it gives reflect all dmg %, pally could then be viable as it is as a heal/reflector who wins by outlasting the opponent.

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Hi guys, last changes added, with that we are almost ready to live if anything new hits the corner.

So it’s time to test

here is the client:

Only PC version.

The added changes are:

-Nerfed poison arrow duration, increased damage
-Increased damage of burn shield
-Increased acrobatics duration