1.3.2 - More balance tweaks, fixes and more

IMPORTANT: This information is already old so check the Wiki posts section to watch the last numbers of the balance. Thank you.


  • Added a button to exit party
  • Removed arena teams, now its free for all
  • Improved all skills descriptions, take a look to all of them!
  • All buffs and debuffs of defense, magical defense, damage, etc were all matched to the same value (25%) to make them consistent.
  • Camouflage effect is lost if you get damaged(by an effect like burn bleed poison), that means that if you got burned and go camou, when burn hits you will loss the effect. The same applies with traps(Lava barrier or any hunter trap), if you trigger them you will appear.


  • Execution: Decreased damage from 1.7 to 1.6 and buffed always crit (when HP is less than) from 35% to 50%.
  • Armor Crusher: Removed the chance to decrease your walking speed while getting the buff now its a normal buff without cons. Decreased debuff from 35% to 25%.
  • Dismember: Now works without armor crusher debuff, decreased the damage from 1.6 to 1.5, in addition it decreases 25% INT damage besides the STR debuff (both -25% now).
  • Charge: Buffed from 25% to 40% walking speed but decreased the duration from 10 to 5 seconds.
  • Soul Cravings: It was buffed by adding a new debuff that if the target dies you heal your HP by 25%, good for PVE.
  • Shields up: Added new effect, besides blocking the next physical attack, it also reflects 50% of the damage received.
  • Provoke: Buffed chance of aggro from 90% to 100% effective and also increases mobs walking speed a bit when they got provoked so you can lure them fast.
  • Battle shout: 35% to 25%.
  • Ultimate defense: 35% to 25%.
  • Bleed: Buffed to 1.9 dmg.


  • Fireball: Totally revamped, now its a skill with very low damage but good casting time and cooldown, specially good when farming mobs but also in PVP.
  • Ice Spear: Totally revamped, now its the best skill damage in game, with good cooldown and cast time, deadly in PVP and good for farming also because you could 1hit mobs at certain point.
  • Lava barrier: Tweaked cooldown and duration and fixed a critical bug (see more in fixes)
  • Flame missile: Decreased in damage from 1.7 to 1.6 and decreased chance to burn to 25%.
  • Quick cast: Decreased cooldown and lowered the cast time to 0.1. Now is the fastest casting skill we have in game, try it for yourself, pretty nice with blizzard and meteor rain.
  • Meteor rain: Buffed, now it has low cooldown and low damage, could be spammed great for PVE. Added new debuff: 25% chance to overheat (decreases target mdef by -25%). So if target got debuffed you could do more damage to them after that with any other skill :wink:
  • Frozen hands: (All classes speed buffs were tweaked) Now its 15 cooldown and 7.5 duration.


  • Snipe: Decreased damage from 1.8 to 1.71.
  • Multi Shot: Decreased damage but the cool-down was buffed(decreased) so it could be spammed a few times or combined with traps.
  • Camouflage: If you hit a trap you will loss the camouflage effect. (Any hunter trap, also lava barrier). Changed CD to 15seconds and duration to 7.5 seconds, it lasted too long.
  • Hunter’s ritual: (All classes speed buffs were tweaked) Tweaked the % from 45 to 40. Now its 15 cooldown and 7.5 duration.
  • Hunter’s mark: 50% -> 25% to match acrobatics effect.
  • Poison arrow and Posion Trap: Buffed damage


  • Burn Shield: Decreased to 7.5 seconds duration from 10.
  • Holy Light: Decreased damage by 0.2, and cool-down by less than 1 sec.
  • Self heal: Now it’s 10 cool-down and 5 seconds duration. So its improved, heals more in less time.
  • Speed banner: (All classes speed buffs were tweaked) Tweaked a bit the effect % and now its 15 cool-down and 7.5 duration.
  • Silence: New damage skill for Paladin: Now it does damage besides silencing your target, removed infinite range, now it’s twice your range. (All buff and debuff about dmg and defense matches 25% value of increase/decrease)
  • Buff remover: Totally revamped, now its called “Divine Punishment”: Debuff your enemies(AOE) and decreases MDEF and PDEF by 25%.


  • Fixed Stone of centauri is training Wis, not STA
  • Lava barrier has been hitting twice every second since we first introduced it back in 2018; This is now fixed and all burn while touching the lava will do double damage, this is a similar behavior but done in a controlled and intentional manner
  • Fixed “Gold item description” while trading
  • Code was put in place to avoid D.S running twice which I think is what made the registration get stuck and double wave issues
  • Fix HP Regeneration not showing the real value in character details.

When do these tweaks going to take placed?

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As soon as the update is finished https://trello.com/c/CAmTrleP/582-update-process


So ice spear gets even better and steady shot gets nothing? Aren’t hunters supposed to have the best single target damage and mages are for mob control?

Check DPS of Steady shot…

And Hunter, again, is nerfed, good… When the best single target dps in game is to be the Hunter, the Mage was taking this place and will be the best class in the game again… So good…

lol why does it look like a lot of the durations and cd’s merely went back to original pre-balance times.

The change to camo is nice and need but it still need work. As it stands now the way its programmed just fails. If you deal dmg while going camo or after you are camo it makes you appear again. Now im not talking about using an attack or skill after camo so don’t think im saying you should be able too. The scenario runs like this…

I’m attacking, I hit camo (but because of high attack speed an arrow is in flight while casting camo… i’ll camo and instantly appear when arrow I shot BEFORE casting camo hits target. I’ve even tried to quickly un-target (stop attack) and camo but it still sometimes isn’t fast enough. You literally have to un-target, swap and wait to make sure any AA in flight hits then you can camo.

With it working like this you cant camo on the fly as a tactic… It needs to be reworked so that after you camo you untarget (which it does) but you don’t un-camo unless you place another attack, not un-camo cause the shot you fired right before camo hits right when you cloak.

Also you should disable being able to log out while camo… its abused.

Not sure I really understand the idea behind the fireball ice spear swap tho… sounds like your just swapping what they do?

Why no mention of the cd increases on skills also? I notice a few got them increased in game

opposite of balance… supposed to be each class has its rolls and excels at them.

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Ou seja o mago não tem mais nem uma magia forte, todo jogo mago tem muito ataque, não sei oque vocês estão fazendo mais sinto como estivesse perdendo tempo, toda semana vocês deixam mago mais fraco, como o Hunter pode ter o mesmo dano do mago se ele é muito rápido ? Meu deus eu vou desistir, e se isso acontecer eu vou ter perdido dias da minha vida em um jogo que eu levei a sério, meu Deus

DiminuĂ­ram todos os buffes do mago, isso e muito injusto

I really need to add my 2 cents here as a long-time wiz player, 8rb, 400+ int, 300+ staff and decent training.

The damage done to ice spear is insane. Fireball, a free skill, is now ultimately a better skill than Ice Spear, which, prior to this post was valued at 5kk to 6kk+.

I see absolutely no way to justify 1) the rarity of Ice Spear in its current form, or 2) a price tag over 500k for this nearly useless skill now.

The lower cooldown (what used to be 1.5 seconds) was really the main appeal to this skill and why it was so highly valued / sought after. To completely “revamp” this skill and give it a 6 second cooldown is just ridiculous. This was the only almost spammable (although lower dmg) end-game skill for wizard, and now replacing it with a skill sold in the merchant is the only option.

You can talk about meta and builds all you want, but this is how I see it. This was the skill that made me look forward to playing wiz, and one that I happily paid 6kk for and loved using. And now it’s better chucked right back in the garbage alongside skills like flame missile, ice blast, and frost bomb.

I really don’t get it. I mean, nerfing the cooldown, sure. Nerf to 3 seconds; that would be reasonable. But nerfing it to a 6 second cooldown (on top of all the other massive nerfs the wiz just got hit with), and all you have is another useless wiz skill. You can claim that it’s now “more for PVP” because of the higher dmg, but who really cares…? And how can you justify its rarity / price tag? IMO you can’t. :frowning:

It’s a shame, but I really hate the idea of even opening Laurum to my lame wiz to do quests solo now. It isn’t the same. It’s far more time consuming, much less fun, and now dependent on lots of chaining skills (and we aren’t even going to talk about how heavy our AOE / crowd control was hit).

And that’s end rant - sorry, but it had to be done. This has been really bugging me ever since I noticed the insanely high cooldown. TBH I really hope this attempt at “rebalancing” continues and doesn’t hard-stop here, because I fear the wiz has been terribly misrepresented throughout this whole process. :confused:

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You are right, you are a decent mage. It’s TRUE, ice spear for you is useless, but you got fireball so no.worries, but as you progress and reach the endgame, you will see ice spear is the best skill to have when fighting pvp. You might no pay 5kk for it as a 300int wiz, but If.you have 800+ int you will pay more than 5kk.
Also now fireball is a skill for pve, every wiz should benefit it, not just some players who owns more than 5kk. I can assure you there are no more than 50players who.owns that much right now, but our playerbase is 20.times bigger

Edit: I’m also a wiz, and I can assure you I farm 1.2x times faster now
Also if you keep talking about prices, shouldn’t that staff also not introduce the new upgrade system? Since players who had stacked c,d jewels and sold them for 100k? When their prices was less than 5k.