1.1 - QOL changes and Bug fixes

Not out yet


  • Teleport scrolls now have 15 charges for the same cost
  • Auto Sell won’t sell any item >+0/Necklace/Rings/Skill Books/Teleport Scrolls/Reward Chests/Upgrade jewels/Non-tradeable items like the Bank Minion
  • Normal monsters respawn time cut by half
  • PK players can now earn exp
  • Re-organized “Laurum” section in the main menu
  • (PC only) Added a new keybinding to toggle Quest Log menu - ` by default (left of 1)



Ooh this is interesting. May I hear the thought process into why you’re changing the respawn time?

Leveling in some areas was quite slow, we wanted to add more spawn points but that would increase lag and it is not always good to have to fight a pack of mobs when traveling from A to B, so the idea of cutting respawn was proposed and put in place last week.

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I see. That makes sense. Thanks Alk.

If we can make upgrading less clicks that would be awesome! Maybe make long press pull up the item desciption menu and just have click make it put the gem in the enchantment guys slot and have the gear stay in the enchantment guy gear slot aswell. Pressing the gem and then the select then pressing ur gear then the select and then after enchanting you have to X out the new item screen, it is kind of tedious and anoyying to do when a gear needs 500 upgrades to max.

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1.1 got delayed awaiting for Xmas skins - see 1.2 - Xmas + everything from 1.1