1.1 - Minor changes

Hi there,

We will use this post to list the changes and tweaks version 1.1 will bring, I will start with:

  1. Auto sell won’t sell anything above +0
  2. Increase amount of teleport “charges” for harbor and libra scrolls

Version 1.1 will only introduce minor code changes and tweaks that are needed in order to improve the playability, balance or usability of some items. It is not meant to be a re-vamp or major change of any of our current mechanics.

  1. If it’s not implemented yet, jewels/accesories/crafted items make them also unable to auto sell
  2. Reduce bosses spawn times to 10min.
  1. Fix teleport to leader DS bug
  2. Remove the weird “PLEASE REPORT THIS” log message from arena
  1. Remove 0 exp penalty from PK players
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  1. Just like the Pet menu keybind, Quest menu keybind please? :smiley: Thanks Alk you’re the best.

A craft to combine gems for another… like 2 a’s for a b, 2 b’s for c. Something like this would be amazing.All gems drop roughly the same over time… but u don’t need that many a’s or b’s, especially the a’s. I cant even sell them in trade so end up vendor them. With a trade up system at least we could put them to some use.

I want to keep upgrading my equipment without reapplying the item.

but maybe after the second kill you stop losing exp, to prevent lvl 100s from camping ghost spawn and killing lvl 20 nubs

I like this, but with our system it’s not a minor change. We will do a couple of things later to convert jewels into materials and maybe this way we can tackle this issue too.

In any case it would be a full update just for this as it will affect economy quite a lot.

You dont lose exp if you are the one who got killed (unless you are PK)

Added to 1.1 - default to ` key (left of 1)

Alright we got enough for 1.1, thank you all for your suggestions.

@Aloria and @Jud we will discuss your ideas again for 1.2