1.0 - Crafting, we need your input!

Hi there… it’s me again :slight_smile: I’ll go straight to the point on this one

We want to introduce crafting so we can use those materials that we added a couple of updates ago with Quests V2.0.

The plan is to add 10 to 12 craftable consumables like:

  • New teleport scrolls
  • Positive Karma scrolls
  • New potions with fixed buffs or LP/RP resets
  • Experience potions

And then add more complicated recipes with more complicated craftables (like augments and enchants).


  1. We want ideas that fit the above list
  2. We don’t want ideas that don’t fit the above list like crafting new tiers, skills, pets, whatever doesn’t fit the above.

Here is a preview of how the crafting UI will look


Here is an example of a valid suggestion:

  • Extra potion EXP like 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k, 100k
  • Positive karma scroll or add X karma
  • Karma reset scroll
  • Reset LP / Reset RP
  • Walking speed buff
  • New teleport scroll (Go to boss entrance or fire lich cave entrance)?
  • Gold Ingots (so we can save gold in bank)

Credits: @kevhemingway


Lp reset pots would be kinda useless when you can buy them but rp reset potions would be great
About food i think it could be awesome when we could craft some which gives us 10%+ to a random/special stat
For scrolls boss teleport but maybe after using them they should break so that the recipe isnt to hard
Potions which decrease the skill cooldown would be great tho


POTION OF PROTECTION (or whatever name you like it)

drinking this potion the player cant be attacked by other players and also cant attack (no pvp both ways) for X time.

There is millions reasons to use this potion.

  • A somewhat new player that only want to pve.
  • A player that gone PK cause of GvG (out of guild war event) and want to protect self to pve and clean karma.
  • A player that want to participate in an event made in laurum and dont want to be bothered in unnecessary pvp.

And so on… This potion cant have its efect canceled by the user. He will have to be out of pvp full time.



when you eat this, for X time mobs dont attack you unless you attack them.

This work like a repel effect…

Some mobs could be repel proof.

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My idea: Devil potions.

These potions make the respawn of enemies less in an area for x time (I suggest 30 minutes or less) for example, the slime and worms after having defeated them, reappear every minute. With the potion they would appear every 30 seconds !!!
Also so that they are not so O.P. they can make them work only in certain areas or only with x-level monsters and that by creating them the level of the monsters or areas they can affect is random.
For example, I finish mission, they give me my reward and I get a devil potion from level 50 to 60, in another mission they give me one more but from level 90 to 100.

With devil potions, doing a mission will be easier in an area for those who are already high levels or with more reincarnations.

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  • Teleport Scrolls which lets you tp to your chosen guild fella.

  • potion if you use you will loose less exp after changing the class. Can be Also more potions where one will be from certain class to another

  • potion with which you can resurect your dead friend, so he does not have to run back from respawn

  • potion which can be used by party leader and will grant you slightly more exp with each member in pt during grinding for certain period of time / or potion have to be used by each pt member to get this slightly higher exp reward

  • potion which can grant you Higher possibility to get selected mod in mod reroll

  • potion which can grant you luck during upgrading and give you +1 upgrade - if you wanna go to this road again with RNG eventho RNG God is still among us

  • potion for higher drop rate for certain equip, for example…for gloves, shield, boots etc.

  • potion which will boost or ho or def/mdef for few mins make grinding easier for newbies and me

  • potion which will grant you with more exp from quest. Since you are able to finish more quests you can use potion which will give you 2% more exp for 3min


Love potion:
With this potion you can make the waiting times that the missions that the NPCs give you have shorter.
For example, you do a mission and you have to wait 10 minutes to do it again, you use the potion and now you just have to wait 5 minutes.
It can also work with the scroll’s that take you home and with pets.


welcome to the forum Zora
But i think In a party or so this would be much too op and could also break the game lets see

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Teleport scroll of safe return:
You return to the last place you marked on the map.

Single use and does not work on the DS.

For example, you are at the entrance of the volcano and you mark that point, you return to Rynthia, you use the Scoll of the safe return and now you teleport to the entrance of the volcano !!!

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Banking and backpack extra slots would be awesome


potion of level misschief

while at effect of this potion, you fullfill lvl requirement to take quest as you were at higher lvl.

exemple: you are at lvl 35, drink the potion and can take quests of lvl 40 (5 lvl above).

this potion can have a greater version, lvl 35 can take quests up to lvl 45 (10 lvl above)

it fits the RB purpose of the game imo cause high RB is always fighting things 10/20 lvls above current lvl

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Scroll of Devil eyes:

It allows the monsters to have a wider range of vision to attract larger groups and be able to farm better for X time. And they will only attack the user. If there is more than one user, they will normally attack only those who have the effect active.

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Scroll of [stat here]:
grants the player for [time here] minute/minutes a buff in the stats, basic dmg, exp or drop rate.

Ex1: greatest scroll of wisdom:
-+25 to wis stat for 4 minutes.

Ex2: greater scroll of the warrior:
-+15 to all stats basic to the warrior class
(str, def & sta) for 8 minutes.

Ex3: great scroll of the finder:
-+2% drop rate for 5 minutes.

Ex4: common scroll of luck:
-+ 3% exp for 5 minutes.

Ex5: lesser scroll of damage:
-+ 5% to basic dmg (str dmg & int dmg)
for 5 minutes.

Lesser, common and great ones can be sold by merchants, greater and greatest ones can be crafted.

This might be a complicated craft but would be interesting for augments (not so much for enchants)

note this is a multi step and expensive craft (for good reason) Each step costs 500k (1.5kk total)

Step 1: Vial of Essence (pick any 5 craft items of different lvls --this is to make it so you have to farm even lower mobs- 250 each) could be more or less you get the idea.

Step 2: Extract Essence (a craft option, using 1 Vial of Essence and 3 items, any items) All three items must have at least 1 aug that matches, you select the aug you want in the event you have multiple (like a xp/str/crit) on 3 different pieces, I have to select which 1 of them I want to extract. Another example is 3 items xp/str/crit - str/crit/dex - str/crit/stam, in this scenario I can pick between str/crit as the 1 aug to extract.

Step 3: Imbue Essence (either through vendor or craft screen) use the vial with an item you want to imbue. I’ll leave it up to you how to incorporate the last step and any rules that apply (like can you replace existing aug, or only add to empty slot etc etc)

Dont make crafts instant.Instead make them take time from 5-15-30 min to 8-12-16hr.and crafting slots.

General Crafting Ideas:

I’d like to reference the mmorpg : Ragnarok Online;
This game features rare and common drops for all enemies. Equipment and material type items. Nearly every item has a potential use throughout the players experience of the game.

I feel that Laurum would benefit from a crafting system that continuously utilizes the drops from earlier enemies. This will allow new players to take advantage of any inflation that has happened by top tier players by selling those materials to other players when they start off so they can buy gear and expand their inventory, ect. SackOfGoldSkillIcon2

I’m still very new to Laurum. I have been playing for around a week now, and I just hit lvl 90 when i saw this crafting post.

I would appreciate exp potions coming in multiple different types. Like :slight_smile:
15/30/60/90/120 minute exp boost (stacks with per kill exp boost)
1k/5k/10k/25k/50k/100k Flat exp gain potion.
5/10/20/50/100/500 Additional Exp per kill (stacks with duration exp boost)

I feel that in order to be forgiving to new players, the RP/LP reset potions or scrolls should have different versions with increasing cost/materials to craft. Such as:
10-30 RP Reset
40-80 RP Reset
90-150 RP Reset
160-200 RP Reset
210-300 RP Reset
lvl 1-20 LP Reset
lvl 21-50 LP Reset
lvl 51-100 LP Reset
lvl 101-150 LP Reset
lvl 151+++ LP Reset

As far as teleport scrolls go, I would really enjoy teleport scrolls that are specific to a monster type, but wouldnt mind major landmarks. Ex:
Bat Cave Teleport Scroll
Octopus Teleport Scroll (Or you can call it SW Beach)

I personally feel because of the nature of some classes, any walking speed buffs from potions would lessen the importance of teamwork. I would not like to see any movement speed potions available to craft.

If crafts have a timer to wait for a craft to complete, please implement an experience variable for crafting specifically that allows you to “level up” crafting and give each crafting level a boost to crafting speeds.

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Crit chance potion, something like 10%

If we could access the ocean, maybe a water breathing potion.

A Range Bracelet: increases range by 5% and you can’t imbue augments on it.

Drift Potion: increases movement speed by 30% but decreases attack and stamina by 40%. All attacks do curse (burn-like) damage for the duration.

Holy water: Decreases chance of debuff by 30%

Ring of Bastion: Has three charges before breaking. There are red(physical) and blue(magical) variations. The ring decreases movement speed by 80% and creates a barrier that protects you from attacks(phy or mag) 1/3 of your stamina or less for 7 seconds. (Either that or reduces incoming damage by 1/3 of your stamina) Status effects still affect you and you can’t use potions.

Mushroom stew: increases sta and mana regen.

Cursed Shaman staff: Increases crit damage by 50% but lose (33%) of health every time you crit.

Blind Justice: Radars pkers from a distance.

Stealth kill: 3rd stage pkers’ attacks make no sound.

Scrolls for areas not on the island. (A sky temple would be so cool!)

Maybe use jewels in recipes for something… Like…charging skills.

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Craft items to complete Guild quests and the exp gained will only be consume to upgrade the guild(more spaces, certain buffs, etc?)
Craftable potions- but nothing too OP,
Ir you add a walking speed potion that we can craft make it only 5% buff.
5% to any stat you want,i.e(,5%str/5%int) Don’t make it higher to avoid OP players go way more OP haha. Put a limit/ only 3 potions per use(str-mov speed- crit chance) if u use another pot it will take the last potion effect. Do not make them stackable( you can’t use 3 mov speed potions) .
Time limit; I suggest to put a time limit- potions won’t last for more than 30 minutes, so we can incentivate players to craft more.
Make potions tradeable so people who don’t like to craft, buy the potions from others players. SINKHOLE$$$$$
No exp potions please( it can fuk up the level system) in my humble opinion.
I don’t know if you want to craft new gear or the existing one?
If you are planning to do both that would be nice.( make it hard to craft, or allow non-permanent gear in the game to incentivate crafting)
Exp scrolls with a limit of 5%-10%-15% with ( 50%-10%-1% to get in that order) make it tradeable so we can add another $inkhole.
Teleports to specified locations. 5 spaces to add your favorite places( with limit 15 uses)
Then you need to craft another one( 1 kk for craft) or refill it 500k.
Scrolls that give 1 permanent stat- 30 per stat is the limit( 300k to craft)
Scrolls that works as a repel against mobs.
Scrolls that nullify pvp.

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Potions that will extend your max level points that you can give into one stat
for example: you used on 100lvl 20 str potions and 40 dex potions well you can now give your LP into 120str, 140dex and 40agi