1.0 - Crafting and going live on Nov 1st!

This is it… the last content update before we flip the switch and get out of Beta.


As the name says it, crafting is here. We have added 20+ recipes you can craft with materials dropped from enemies. Some are harder than others, but this is the first crafting update and we wanted to see it working before we commit to adding 100+ recipes.

You will find the crafting menu in the main menu section.


  • Moved quest button to the UI and
  • Teleport Scrolls are not 1-time use
  • Removed Teleport Scrolls vendor as you can now craft it
  • Removed /unstuck

Bug Fixes

The Plan

We are releasing on Nov 1st, the idea here is to get as many bug reports as we can to work on fixing them during the week and release this Friday, if everything goes as planned, we will move this 1.0 release to production and you won’t have to do anything else besides leaving us a review in the Play Store.

That’s it for today, have fun :slight_smile:


The change with the teleport scrolls…i find it a bit extreme. Unless they were already ninja patched to be cheaper…the cost of teleportation is too high. Also, the void of permanent teleports makes me feel like something i unlocked was taken away from me. When i first played the game, my priority unlocks were those teleport scrolls that last forever…VolcanoTeleportSpellPage1

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I also found the teleports for the initial city and Libra absurd, should readjust the value well and / or make them permanent, just the initial city and Libra, the others are fair.

Also, when entering the Arena, you could add an item to the inventory to be able to use to exit the arena.

please fix the drop division in hellface the drop there is not divided for fellow in pt

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