0.9.83T - Bug Reports

Here, use this template:

Bug description: <bug text>

Steps to replicate: <how can we replicate this>

Bug Description: Potions were migrated wrong
A lvl 7 MP potion was migrated to a 42(that’s ok)
and a lvl 3 HP potion was migrated to a +200 (that’s not ok)

Bug Description: Looking the description of the stones/potions/items some of them use a parenthesis (), other don’t, and the potion does not show colors in stats added. Should be all consistent the UI format for the three items.

I think the three of them should show the total value and then between parenthesis the values added(Base + upgraded added, in colour) in a small number font than the total value

For example: 9.73 (7.78 +1.98) [this part in a smaller font] CRITICAL CHANCE
Also remove the first + in the items, is redundant, so the + only will be for added stats

Bug Description: When you are in client pc version and open CHAT and start tyiping, if you type some word with letter “C” the chat get close. (C is the binded key for chat).
Btw small suggestion if you open the chat whould be great to have the cursor/focus in the text field so you don’t need to click and then start typing…

Bug Description: The potions shows integer numbers instead of float like items or stones, so you don’t see any progression between high tiers due to the small progression between lvls
If damage and life are float, then the UI is not showing up the real value but a rounded one.

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