0.9.83 [server only] - GvG War time

On this server-side update, we are bringing you evil and competitive karma free GvG and here is how it works:

  • Depending on the server’s location, players that belong to a guild will be able to fight and kill other guilds members without karma penalties (karma-free)
  • This event is active during odd hours and on PVP territories
  • It only applies to players that are on a guild. This also includes guildmates (karma free friendly fire)
  • Only negative karma is affected by this event, if you kill a PK player you will get positive karma and he will get his some of his negative karma removed


  • Q: What If I kill a player without guild?
    • A: you will get negative karma and will become PK
  • Q: What If I kill a guildmate?
    • A: nothing… Friendly fire is karma free too.
  • Q: What If I’m not in a guild and I kill another player?:
    • A. As you are not on a guild, GvG doesn’t apply to you and you will get negative karma even if your victim was in a guild.
  • Q: If a player without a guild kills me?
    • A: He/she will get negative karma
  • Q: What if I am getting killed always?
    • A: Join a better/stronger guild or change to another server, GvG timers are set so EU1 and US1 don’t overlap, when EU is on war US will be on peace and vice-versa
  • Q: What about the Arena?
    • A: It stays the same, not affected by GvG

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