0.9.83 - Improved Upgrade System + PC Key Bindings

Thanks to tons of help and even code review/changes from the community, today we bring you the long-discussed (How would you fix the upgrade system?) Improved Upgrade System and one minor addition to the PC client that should allow you to stop using NOX/Bluestack: Key Bindings.


  • All existing items were migrated to the new upgrade scale: Upgraded Items Statistics Calculator
  • Removed upgrade animation for 100% chance upgrades
  • Anti party Ninjas: Only gold and materials drops will be party shareable. Everything else will be protected to whoever does the max damage. After 10 seconds this restriction will be lifted and anyone can pick up said item.
  • Max damage done to monsters won’t count overkill anymore.
  • Material drops removed from D.S.
  • PC: Use Alt+W to toggle full-screen mode
  • PC clients can now use the input system to bind your custom primary/secondary keys or use the default setup
    • YES! before you ask, here is how you do it:
      • image

Bug fixes

Tons of small bugs were fixed, here is a small list with the most important ones:

Thanks again to @kevhemingway @Jorob @Stormbeat @Jossvve @Shotgun and @Zelp for your collaboration.


I think I could just leave the titles, exp: rare, unique, legendary, etc. and take it from +500