0.9.82 - Bug fixes and more

This update brings few changes and bug fixes


  • Paladin WIS was increased from 2.5 to 4 (less than Wizard but more than Hunter)
  • Hamstring Shot now has 100% chance of slowing target
  • Poison, Steel, Booby and Multi Trap now have 100% chance of triggering
  • All Hunter traps now last 15 seconds (previously 5)
  • Lava Trap now lasts 10 seconds (previously 5)
  • Spare locked jewels from being invisible on upgrade NPC
  • New Lock for inventory locked items
  • Added 1 new daily quest “Big Trouble in Little Laurum” with premium gems as a reward
  • Added 2 new weekly quests “Evil Dead” and “Enchanted Forest” both reward premium gems, exp and gold
  • Added more bugs to fix later

Bug Fixes


just hide it from +500 to be only rarity of items, have to agree will be top only with rarities