0.9.81 - Tweaks and bug fixes

Releases 2019-09-17T07:45:00Z

This update will attempt to balance quests difficulty, fix bugs and make parties great again.


  • All tasks requirements capped to a max of 25 (materials or kills) except Devil Square rankings quest chain
  • Material’s collection is now affected by your nearby party members. Whatever they collect also counts towards your quest (if the quest is party allowed)

Bugs Fixed

  • The drop chance of some materials was off by quite a lot. (see images below)
  • DS enemies pathfinding
  • Tasks should only go up to the amount required, not one or more above, e.g: 26/25 Eyeballs
  • Waves aren’t being counted towards DS quests.
  • Typo in Stat Training, says STRENTH instead of STRENGTH
  • The green mushroom material doesn’t have a picture in the materials inventory
  • There is no gold separator in trade screen and potion refill popups.
  • The gold and gems amounts aren’t aligned
  • Regal Crown is all lowercase. The first letter of each word should be capitalized.
  • A lot of quests descriptions finish with a dot, but others don’t, this should be consistent.
  • Death Watch’s Leather is now called “Magical Leather”


We decided to pull some data in order to find out why some materials were dropping way more than others and this is what we found out:

The below ratio is what we were trying to achieve, one material a bit harder than other but nothing crazy

But this is what we found in some cases:

As you can see the ratio above was way more intense than what we aimed for but it has been fixed now and we hope to see something closer to the first example

Happy party questing!


Great work as usual!

Not a big deal but the gold isn’t aligned yet, and the counter still goes out of bounds, It happens when you need 1 more item to pick up and suddenly you pick up 2 instead of 1.
Also someone reported that some quest goes negative cooldown.

In the list of quests, when there’s less than a minute on the cooldown, the game says “1s or less remaining” it should say 1m or less.

Also, is it intentional that you can either have ‘Chilling News 1’ or ‘Chilling News 2’ but never both at the same time? You can accept both quests but in your quest log it will only show ‘Chilling News 1’. In ice you can accept all quests at the same time. What gives?