0.9.80 - Quests V2.0 released

Note: 2019-09-12T17:13:00Z We are waiting for google to approve our update and once that part is done I will update the servers

Finally, we have reached the end of the development cycle :slight_smile::clap:

  1. Proposal - Quests 2.0 - Introducing daily, weekly, guild, party and other types of quests
  2. Coding and community help - We need your help! Ref: Quest v2.0 update
  3. Public testing - Quests 2.0 - Testland
  4. Release to live servers!

As you might already know some things didn’t make it to the actual update and some others weren’t even in the road map but were added anyways. Without further ado here are the patch notes:

Patch notes

  • Added new quest tasks: Area exploration, material collection, devil square PvE kills, devil square entries, devil square max wave reached, online time and the standard “kill X of Y monster”
  • Materials: these drop from monsters and are only used to complete quests (so far). Materials cannot be traded, dropped, sold or anything else aside from picked up and stored. This is the second step towards crafting.
  • Many many new quests, we went from 23 possible quests to 74! Rewards are much better now too in some cases giving up to 100k exp!
  • You can obtain from 6 to 12 premium gems doing one or both of our premium daily quests!
  • We added one quest that will allow you to gain exp by just staying online (chill in the chat, play from work… etc)
  • Fixed camouflage skill
  • Added Speech Bubbles 0.9.8x
  • Added 6 new Quest NPCs, you no longer have to travel to the harbour in order to pick up your quests.
  • Some quests have conditions like “Fail on death” and “Complete in less than x minutes”

We hope to see this update thrive as it will allow us to add many many quests in the future including deep lore-rich ones and different tasks.

I hope you guys enjoy this update without discovering too many bugs and I would like to give special thanks to @DuncyDragon @Stormbeat @Skillz_Yt and @Zelp :clap: for the enormous amount of help you guys provided, without you this would have taken at least 3 more weeks.


We are testing material drops and material inventory. We might have to wipe the number of materials held when we decide to introduce crafting. We will have to tweak some material’s drop rates to make them rarer.


Nice work congrats everyone!!

Hello everyone. I wanted to know if, like the monsters, it was possible to add the collection of team missions objects because since there are these new collection missions to go up to level 100 already it takes me 3-4 days and I would not have to take an hour to complete a single mission. So if the materials of the missions were also shared with the whole group it would be much more fluid as a game. Thanks for your attention.

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We will tweak most quests and the way we collect stuff. Stay tunned

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