0.9.77a [server only] - Death penalty changes


PK 3rd stage

  • Before:
    • Item drop was possible once PK reached the 3rd stage
  • Now:
    • Item drop is now only active when the PK player dies with less than or equal to -6000 karma

Death Penalties for normal and hero players

  • Before:
    • Normal on PVE: 1% gold drop and 10% EXP
    • Hero on PVE: 0.5% gold drop and 5% EXP
  • Now:
    • Normal on PVE: No gold drop and 5% EXP
    • Hero on PVE: No gold drop and 1% EXP

Thanks so i can delete my bank alt xD
But 10% death penalty for normal would be still ok
I think 5% feels like nothing

  • La caída de objetos ahora solo está activa cuando el jugador PK muere con menos o igual a -6000 karma

Cuando se refiere a menos cuanto debe ser ese - karma

Remember PK have negative karma, equal or less than -6000 means item drop is possible on -6000, -6001, -6002, -6003… etc


Ooo gracias es que no me habia quedado claro esa parte -6000 karma en adelante comienza el drop de items de tu inventario

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