0.9.77a [hot-fix-1] - DS (drop rates, exp and gold) and bug fixes


  • Drop chances buffed, see old and new rates at the end
  • DS now has a perma 2x Gold and EXP rate

Bugs Fixed

  • Gold display in the UI (it should now display gold in one line)
  • When you’ve got full inventory you can uneq your items, should be saying that your inventory is full but Items just disappear till sorting
  • Walking speed while casting was not reduced (it is now back to normal 50% walking speed while casting)

Devil square old drop rates:

Waves Drop chance
>=10 and <=14 0.5%
>=15 and <=19 0.7%
>=20 and <=24 0.9%
>=15 and <=29 1.2%
>=30 1.5%

As you can see one of the problems was that drops started on wave >=10 which is quite hard to achieve now.

Here are the new rates:

Waves Drop chance
>=2 and <=10 1%
>=11 and <=15 2.5%
>=15 5%

This is a [hot-fix] update so you are not required to update if you dont want altho it is recommended.

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