0.9.77 - Community suggestions, premium items exchange and minor changes

Version 0.9.77 is packed with many community suggestions/ideas and few minor changes to improve quality of live and revive few forgotten modifiers that were not in use.

Community suggestions introduced

Below you will find the suggestions that were coded and the Discord member who made them:

  1. Show the skills of each class in the character menu the same way you see them from your inventory. The current “information” provided is vague and doesn’t provide crucial information like cast time, cool down, and mana cost (can show the mana cost for your current lvl when looking) - Blood
  2. Add the option to “trade” people from your guild menu - Blood
  3. Blockade thingies for npc’s. Its not common but people can block access to npcs like the broker by standing almost directly on it, or so makes it difficult to click. The barrier will block players from being even overlapped with the npc . - BreadyToe - Instead of this, we decided to move NPC a bit so they can be easily reachable in case of many players around .
  4. Sorting by rarity should apply to jewels…(my OCD goes crazy when they are out order) - Zealotwraith
  5. Add “/trade player” command to avoid going through the tedious process of adding players to friends list, opening up submenus within the menu, and then having to trade the person through your friends list; just to have to go back in and remove them later - Blood
  6. Add comma separators to gold quantity [ex 10,000 VS 10000] - Zealotwraith
  7. Color Banners to coincide with icon. I.e Green(HP), Blue(Mana),etc . - Zealotwraith
  8. Make pets a different color icon than players on map, especially in parties - Algernon
  9. Make items non enchantable/upgradable/rerollable if locked . - Blood
  10. System to sell old skins or trade in for new ones - Prick - More explained below in " Premium Items Exchange "

Thanks to the above members for your contribution! Im sure our master Kellpoor will notice you.

Tweaked Modifiers

  • Gold drop bufed from 1% to 4%
  • Cool down reduction buffed from 1% to 3% but capped (see general changes below)
  • Casting speed reduction buffed from 1% to 3% but capped (see general changes below)

General Changes

  • Cool down reduction capped at 30%
  • Casting speed reduction capped at 50%
  • Removed experience loss, gold drop and PK item drop inside Devil Square, you can now pay the entry fee and get out without losing anything
  • When dropping an item you will be prompted with a confirmation to avoid misclicks/taps

Premium items “Exchange”

Right now if you own all skins and pets you are probably using a lot of inventory and bank slots to keep them as this items cannot be destroyed, dropped or traded.

In 0.9.77 we are introducing a way to exchange these skins and pets for 50% of the original purchase value, this should help you to get back some gems from those skins you no longer use and also get some slots back.

This is only while we work and implement the new skin and pet gallery which will allow you to have them all without them being items and taking space in your inventory.

When you follow the Exchange process you will be asked twice for confirmation and once this process is done the item will be destroyed and cannot be recovered, so please think this thrice before committing to it.

Bugs fixed

  • Pet button floating around on some resolutions
  • Attempt to fix Quest and PVP GUI not showing up in some cases