0.9.76 - Devil Square, penalties, karma changes and others

Devil Square

The current DS settings:

  • Cool Down between waves: 2mins
  • Registration time: 15 seconds
  • NEW: Entry fee: 5000 gold
  • Player limit: 12
  • Wave time: 30 seconds
  • NEW: Monsters per wave: 12 fixed
  • NEW: Max waves: 30
  • Damage buff to monsters (per wave): 5%
  • Monsters HP buff (not per wave): 3x
  • Monsters HP buff per wave: 8%
  • Min DS level: 50
  • Max DS level: 150
  • DS level increments: 10
  • Drops are the same
  • PVP after on wave 4+
  • EXP inside DS is now the same as outside (was 0.5x till version 0.9.74)
  • Minor changes to the DS map

New mechanics:

  • All monsters need to be cleared before the new wave spawns, if this is not the case all players will get debuffed with a true damage poison (takes a % of max HP rather than damage)
  • On each wave, clouds of poison will spawn. You must get out of the red circles ASAP or you will be debuffed with true damage poison
    • Above debuffs are stackable
  • To successfully finish DS you will have to clear wave 30 on time
  • If you don’t clear wave 30… you have a very slim chance to survive wave 31


Experience penalty is back for everyone!. Gold and item drop chance introduced according to the table below:

PVE penalty Normal Hero 1st stage PK 2nd stage PK 3rd stage PK
EXP 10% 5% 25% 35% 50%
Gold 1% 0.5% 3% 5% 6%
*Item drop chance( equipped or in inventory) none none none none %=1+(PlayerKarma/-601)
PVP penalty Normal Hero 1st stage PK 2nd stage PK 3rd stage PK
EXP none none 35% 45% 60%
Gold none none none 5% 7%
*Item drop chance( equipped or in inventory) none none none none %=1+(PlayerKarma/-601)

Arena = no penalty

  • *What loots first?: First we attempt to drop an equipped item, if nothing drops we move to items in the inventory, if nothing drops you are lucky…
  • What items can be dropped? : If the item is tradeable it can be dropped

Karma changes

  • All player’s karma have been cleared
  • Heroes: from -3 to -1 per monster kill
  • 1st stage PK: 0 to -300 karma
  • 2nd stage PK: -301 to -600 karma
  • 3d stage PK: -601 karma or less
  • PK vs PK kills wont affect karma
  • Normal or Hero vs PK will add 50 positive karma to the PK player
  • If a 3rd stage PK drops an item will get 300 positive karma
  • NEW negative karma formula that takes into account level difference:
    • karma = -300*PK level/killed player level
    • There is a limit of -3000 karma per kill (example 1 below would have been capped to -3000 karma)
    • Examples:
        1. High level PK (level 150) vs low level player (level 10):
        • karma to add = -300*150/10 = -4500 karma
        1. Similar level players: PK level 100 vs player level 90:
        • karma to add = -300*100/90 = -333 karma
  • The only way of removing negative karma is to kill monsters 20 levels above or 10 levels below
    • Party can now help clear negative karma following the current exp rules


  • Increased server auto restart from 12h to 24h (may the force be with us)
  • Added coordinates to minimap
  • When a player becomes 3rd stage PK it will be announced on the #system channel with coordinates
  • Max party size increased to 10 players
  • Pets/companions will be checked in when becoming PK
  • PK players have to wait 30s when logging out
  • PK cant:
    • spawn pets/companions
    • use /unstuck


  • Broker rarity search filter
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