0.9.6 - Suggestions, bug fixes and new friend list

New - from suggestions

  • Show what server you are on(place near ping) - Leyton
  • Move banner behind Mobs - Zealotwraith
  • Invite party from friend list - Durotan
  • Show exp for training in a different color
  • Bigger letters of character name - Leyton
  • Add an option to hide own and others title and name. - Terri
  • Get a message “Player is currently in a party” when invinting someone in party - Zealotwraith
  • Item Locking: you can’t drop/sell/trade them or do anything else. Items can be unlocked at any time. Helps prevent accidents
  • Bulk Sell of unlocked items - PrettyDuncling
  • Setting to turn off non-guild party and trade invites. - Onimixam
  • Buyback sold items: 5 mins and latest 100 items (per server and clears on server restart) - Lilpops
  • System that mutes a player if spams more than X times in Y time. This will control all the players spamming ds invites in chat. - Zelp

Bugs Fixed

  • Auto attack while casting skills on PVP
  • Skill Provoke should be “90% Chance” Not 90 Chance.
  • Skill Ultimate Defense CD is shorter than uptime
  • Skill Arrow Deflect CD is shorter than uptime
  • Camera zoomed in randomly
  • Red Boss room exploit
  • Bank limitation of 185 items, after that your bank is locked.
  • Randomly teleported to Laurum Arena when transitioning into different maps(i.e doors, caves,etc).
  • Training stones under level 80 were not dropping


  • Trade and party requests decline notification
  • Friends menu re-worked
  • All Pet/companions reaction time decreased (they react quicker now)
  • Randolf should now pickup and deliver items much quicker