0.9.56 - Companions, bug fixes and paving the way for crafting


  • Added a Companion shop
  • Added 7 different companions, each one does something different
  • Material’s inventory where your golden and silver tickets will be saved
  • Event ticket exchange section
  • New Failsafe and Perfect Jewels

The near future

  • Pet system: You will be able to change your pet’s name, abilities and level it up for PVE combat
  • Crafting: Right now when you exchange tickets for jewels you are already using the new crafting system. We will need to add tons of materials and recipes for you to craft, trade and profit!
  • Free companions

Bugs Fixed

  • DS drop rates fixed
  • All training stones should work as intended now
  • If you change your skills while a potion is in CD it will stay in CD till relog
  • If you die then level up you get revived but cant move
  • Random crash when trying to +16 with corrupted.
  • DS window will open itself after attempting to close it
  • Corrected multiple typos