0.9.42 - Skill system changed + new drop system + bug fixes


  • New “Skill” tab at the bottom of your “equipped items” section
  • Now you can equip 6 skills of your choice (one book for each skill) instead of 2 groups of 3 skill sets
  • You can find 4 starting books for each class available in the NPC
  • Other books will be acquired via drops (see drop table in #announcements)
  • Drop system re-worked, expect a higher item drop chance (see a better explanation with simulation and results in #announcements )
  • Paladin skill “Remember Me” has been removed.
  • New AOE damage skill for Paladins called “Concecration”

Bugs Fixed

  • Blue Boss confusion debuff stays active if you die with it on.
  • When you kill a mob with a Critical hit it will give double exp and if it drops an item it will be duplicated or will drop two separate items
  • Leaderboards tab in game doesn’t open anything.
  • Opnen PVP kills in stats should be “Open PVP kills”
  • Attack speed mod shows 3%, however, stat page shows 1.3% when equipped.
  • Skill icon sizing in settings doesn’t change secondary skill icon size.
  • Booby Trap failing. Skill doesn’t show it can fail, does it have a fail rate?
  • Booby Trap sometimes procs on multiple mobs if they are close or touching each other
  • Clicking on whisper from either friend list or tapping a player will get your movement locked
  • If you attack Red name players with Booby Trap it will also hit Blue or Green names players causing you to turn pink or orange.
  • Banner critical value not working properly
  • Burn shield description doesn’t say it expires after 1 hit
  • Enemy buffs disappear immediately after spawning.
  • Paladin speed banner buff hits party members from anywhere.


  • Swap CD changed from 5s to 0.5s
  • Ghost/Souls spawns spread a bit more into desert
  • PVP area to the north of the Ghost/Souls priest removed to avoid spawn kill
  • Increased heals from heal banner
  • Wizard auto attack range from 2 to 2.3
  • Wizard skill range from 3 to 2.3
  • Hunter skill range from 2 to 2.8
  • Hunter auto attack range from 3 to 2.8
  • Hunter crit per DEX from 0.10 to 0.12
  • Hawkeye time from 3s to 10s
  • Wizard Instacast buff from 3s to 6s
  • Hunter damage multiplier from 2.7 to 2.85
  • Traps and lava deploy time reduced from 2s to 0.1s as there is no friendly fire anymore
  • Max Gold drop changed from fixed 70 to 20+EnemyLevel/2
  • Paladin heal banner power increased by 75%
  • DS waiting time between events reduced 2 minutes -> 1 minute
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